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The Lost World

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Book Overview: 

Imagine a strange, tropical place that is almost inaccessible. Time appears to have stood still there. Species of animal and plant life not seen elsewhere on Earth, except in the fossil record, inhabit the place. The lakes heave with the shapes of huge grey bulks moving under the surface. The woods are places where chittering cries move about above your head, as powerful apes move swiftly in the canopy of leaves. Then, a tree splinters nearby, and a dinosaur steps out from his hiding place… and he’s eying YOU.

Jurassic Park? Not quite. The Lost World was an inspiration for Jurassic Park; in fact, a character in J.P. has the same name as one of the chief characters in The Lost World. It also inspired King Kong. But this is the original! Four adventurers go off to find the place shown in a dead man’s sketch book – they find a war between apes and Indians, prowling dinosaurs, a sparkly treasure hidden in the blue clay – they find the Lost World. And because of the treachery of a native guide, their means of escape is destroyed!

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Very likely. Had the germs of it arrived from outside upon a meteor? It was hardly conceivable. On the whole, the wisest man was the least dogmatic upon the point. We could not—or at least we had not succeeded up to date in making organic life in our laboratories out of inorganic materials. The gulf between the dead and the living was something which our chemistry could not as yet bridge. But there was a higher and subtler chemistry of Nature, which, working with great forces over long epochs, might well produce results which were impossible for us. There the matter must be left.

This brought the lecturer to the great ladder of animal life, beginning low down in molluscs and feeble sea creatures, then up rung by rung through reptiles and fishes, till at last we came to a kangaroo-rat, a creature which brought forth its young alive, the direct ancestor of all mammals, and presumably, therefore, of everyone in the audience. ("No, no," from a sceptic. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Ale książka bardzo przyjemna

"There’s many a man who never tells his adventures, for he can’t hope to be believed."

I've been a long time fan of the Lost World TV series, and always wanted to get around to reading the book, and got the opportunity at last. I was amazed to see how different the book is, even down to the attribute

“If in 100 years I am only known as the man who invented Sherlock Holmes then I will have considered my life a failure.” - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

This review will contain minor spoilers. Although Sherlock Holmes, Dr. John Watson, Mycroft Holmes, and Professor James Moriarty are Doyle's most known c

A swashbuckling Victorian adventure!

Like Monty Python's laughable character seeking a shrubbery for his uppity princess, Edward Malone, reporter for London's Daily Gazette, is an earnest young man in search of a quest. Gladys Hungerton, the flighty belle of Malone's eye, has told him quite clearly

Can we start with how this book (written in 1912) was based off of the
"Friend Zone"

"Poor" Edward Malone confesses his love for a girl but she is not interested. She tries telling him nicely, rudely and all ways in between but he just doesn't get it.
She could but refuse me, and better be

اريد رجلا شجاعا لا يهاب الموت..رجل حقق امجادا لا توصف..يخلق فرصه خلقا"ان البطولات حولنا تنتظر من يحققها من الرجال..اريد ان تحسدني النساء على رجلي"ا

بهذه الطلبات التعجيزية تبدأ المغامرات الاسطورية
..هكذا ينطلق الصحفي مالوني مع البروفيسور العبقري المخبول تشالنجر إلى أمريكا الجنوبية ليثبتوا ان الديناصور

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