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The Lost Prince

Frances Hodgson Burnett

Book Overview: 

“The Lost Prince” is about Marco Loristan, his father, and his friend, a street urchin named The Rat. Marco’s father, Stefan, is a Samavian patriot working to overthrow the cruel dictatorship in the kingdom of Samavia. Marco and his father, Stefan, come to London where Marco strikes up a friendship with a crippled street urchin known as The Rat. Marco’s father, realizing that two boys are less likely to be noticed, entrusts them with a secret mission to travel across Europe giving the secret sign: ‘The Lamp is lighted.’ This brings about a revolution which succeeds in overthrowing the old regime and re-establishing the rightful king. The book ends in a climatic scene as Marco realizes his father is the descendant of Ivor Fedorovitch and thus the rightful king of Samavia.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .They are only waiting. Some are rich people who will give money, and some are poor ones who will slip across the frontier to fight or to help to smuggle in arms. They even say that for all these years there have been arms made in caves in the mountains, and hidden there year after year. There are men who are called Forgers of the Sword, and they, and their fathers, and grandfathers, and great-grandfathers have always made swords and stored them in caverns no one knows of, hidden caverns underground."

Marco spoke aloud the thought which had come into his mind as he listened, a thought which brought fear to him. "If the people in the streets talk about it, they won't be hidden long."

"It isn't common talk, my father says. Only very few have guessed, and most of them think it is part of the Lost Prince legend," said The Rat. "The Maranovitch and Iarovitch laugh at it. They have always been great fools. They're too full of their own swagger to. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Yes, I have been trying to figure out exactly what has been textually bothering me so very much and so intensely with regard to Frances Hodgson Burnett's 1915 Ruritanian middle grade novel The Lost Prince that I ended up so massively bored and so hugely frustrated with a sizeable majority of Hodgson

This is a solid gold book by the genius who wrote the Secret Garden.

It features:

a 12 year old military genius

a quest, with crutches

a noble honest and true prince and his faithful snarky smart companion

someone nicknamed The Rat who is a dreamboat and a military genius!

... oh no, I see I've made a fat

Okay, so this book is in many respects mediocre and completely obvious, but it is a hilariously good time.

(Possibly it is only so hilarious because it is obvious to everyone except the titular lost prince who he is.)

Marco Loristan and his father are exiled citizens of the fictional European country

This was a beautiful and powerful book. This book has earned a place of honor on my bookshelves. I want all my children to read it! It is a classic of the first class! This book is heavy duty on the reading and vocabulary, many youngters of today would have a hard time getting into it at first, but

Perhaps my estimate of the this book is influenced by how emotionally connected I am to the characters so settle in for a bit of a story.
When I first read this book it was simply because I knew to increase my vocabulary I needed to read classics as they tended to have more stimulating vocabulary th

Marco Lorestan, the hero of this story, is the lesser-known brother to Mary Lennox and Sara Crewe (and I guess Little Lord Fauntleroy, which, unbelievably, I have never read). I've always wondered why so few people have heard of this book, because Burnett's other stories are so famous, and the theme

An excellent read, though maybe a little clean and tidy by modern standards. For once Burnett has given her protagonist a loving parent, if perhaps a little too good to be true. The elements of Eastern religion are woven into the story in an interesting way, and it's nice to see a story focused on n

I finished the The Lost Prince with very mixed feelings. There's a lot to like about it and it's got some wonderful scenes and characters. But at the same time, it has some grave flaws which, I'm afraid, weigh too heavily on the overall plot.

Although a particular time is never mentioned, one can ass

This book is hardly known, and yet it to is written by the author of The Secret Garden. It was not the plot that engaged me, when I read it years ago, but how I felt for Marco and the Rat. I was in their shoes. When they were hurt, I was hurt. When they were happy, I was too. The author made me, a c

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