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The Lone Star Ranger

Zane Grey

Book Overview: 

Buck Duane, son of a famous gunfighter, falls prey to the old problem – called out by a cowboy who wants to make trouble, Duane kills him and then must ride off to the lawless country near the Neuces River to escape being arrested and perhaps, hanged. His brief encounter with deadly gun play has ignited a deep urging to repeat the adrenaline rush but is tempered by ghosts that haunt his sleep. He only dares to release his inner demon when he is taking down an outlaw who is particularly known for his brutality.

He develops a reputation for killing the most notorious Texas outlaws, which draws an unexpected interest: a captain of the Texas Rangers offers him a pardon and a ranger’s badge if he will infiltrate the gang of the shadowy figure known as “Cheseldine” who wields vast power in West Texas, and make it possible for the Rangers to break the gang’s hold on the region’s towns. Duane accepts, never guessing in his wildest nightmares that he would sniff out this Cheseldine, his hideouts, his lieutenants… and fall in love with his daughter!

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Me? Why, I asked him what you looked like," she replied, gayly.

"Well?" went on Duane.

"Magnificent chap, Bland said. Bigger than any man in the valley. Just a great blue-eyed sunburned boy!"

"Humph!" exclaimed Duane. "I'm sorry he led you to expect somebody worth seeing."

"But I'm not disappointed," she returned, archly. "Duane, are you going to stay long here in camp?"

"Yes, till I run out of money and have to move. Why?"

Mrs. Bland's face underwent one of the singular changes. The smiles and flushes and glances, all that had been coquettish about her, had lent her a certain attractiveness, almost beauty and youth. But with some powerful emotion she changed and instantly became a woman of discontent, Duane imagined, of deep, violent nature.

"I'll tell you, Duane," she said, earnestly, "I'm sure glad if you mean to bide here awhile. I'm a miserable woman, Duane. I'm an outlaw's wife, and I hat. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Zane Grey, without a doubt, makes the western genre come to life. Regardless of his lack of realism in many cases (i.e. can anyone really shoot a six shooter that accurately and swiftly?, can a horse really take that much punishment?, etc), many of his scenes will be long remembered after the reader

Cheesy as hell a lot of the time, but often incredibly exciting.

This reads just like what it is, a Frankenstein mashup of two unrelated stories. The first half of the book reads like a collection of short stories and has a mean, desperate quality to it while the second half feels like a full single story and has a different more generic western tone.

During a recent visit to the Texas State Cemetery I viewed the Prayer of the Texas Rangers and several of their graves, one of which was of Captain John Hughes. A little investigation revealed that Zane Grey based 'Lone Star Ranger' on Hughes, and indeed when I picked up a copy, there is a dedicatio

Zane Grey’s Lone Star Ranger has only rated two stars from me. This isn’t very common as I tend to like and highly rate almost everything I read. This book was published in 1915 when Grey was already an established writer of ever increasing repute. I found the story naïve in conception and full of s

This isn't cassettes, but a downloadable audio book from Recorded Books via my library & listened to on my MP3 player. Ed Sala is the narrator & at first I didn't think I was going to like his voice. It's kind of scratchy, old & often drops too low, but it really fits the story, except for when he t

Strange that the blurb for the book says that this is Zane Grey's only western written from a first-person perspective. It is not. I wonder if the blurb is for the wrong book.
Anyway, this is about Buck Duane, a basically good young man, who is forced into a gunfight and feels sure he has to run or f

Not my favorite Zane Grey novel. The first part, where he was hiding from the law (for killing someone in self-defense!) was much better than the second. The romance was not very believable, (view spoiler)[ and we never heard what happened to the first young woman he helped out of a difficult situation, though I k (hide spoiler)]

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