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The Little Lady of the Big House

Jack London

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Wi'-hi yan'-ning koi-o-di'!
    Lo'-whi yan'-ning koi-o-di'!
    Yo-ho' Nai-ni', hal-u'-dom yo nai, yo-ho' nai-nim'!"

"The music is my own," he murmured apologetically, "the way I think it ought to have sounded. You see, no man lives who ever heard it sung. The Nishinam got it from the Maidu, who got it from the Konkau, who made it. But the Nishinam and the Maidu and the Konkau are gone. Their last rancheria is not. You plowed it under, Mr. Crockett, with you bonanza gang-plowing, plow-soling farming. And I got the song from a certain ethnological report, volume three, of the United States Pacific Coast Geographical and Geological Survey. Red Cloud, who was formed out of the sky, first sang this song to the stars and the mountain flowers in the morning of the world. I shall now sing it for you in English."

And again, in Indian falsetto, ringing with triumph, vernal and bursting, slapping his. . . Read More

Community Reviews

This is a very different Jack London from "White Fang" and "Call of the Wild". He's a raconteur, an observer, a rennasance man and a lover. He loves owning things, and has the money to buy people or at least their knowledge. He is someone you'd love to have on your radar, maybe even your best fri...more

Ενδιαφέρουσα ιστορία μ ένα απρόβλητο τέλος

В целом, впечатление от романа благоприятное: много драмы, неплохо выписаны образы, автор выдвигает на сцену мировой истории тип нового человека - хозяина природы, энергичного волка-одиночки, покорителя новых земель, успешно противостоящего дикости окружающего мира. Но, всё же, я поставил троечку...more

Kitabın ilk yarısı inanılmaz sıkıcı ve gereksiz uzunlukta betimlemelerle doluydu açıkcası. Kitabı bırakmamak için bayağı çabaladım. Fakat ikinci yarısı olaylar şekillendikçe inanılmaz şekilde sürükledi.
Çiftçi Dick Forrest ve karısı Paula'nın evlerine gelen eski dostları Graham'la hayatlarının ak...more

It is very emotional and beautiful story of people that have great values, principles, life views, that are successful, loved and rich. And yet they can suffer, they can feel pain, they can become weak, but they don’t make others to suffer, they don’t behave ugly towards each other. They respect...more

Review to come when I get myself a life.

Что будет делать мужчина, который узнает, что его жена влюбилась в другого? Конечно отойдет в сторону и будет ее чуть ли не поощрять! Мол пусть уезжает в закат, ее счастье для меня самое главное. Попытаться хоть как-то изменить положение? Нет, зачем, глупости все это.
Что будет делать замужняя жен...more

Love triangles stories are always interesting but I found these characters very difficult to identify with. The opening chapters were filled with such idealized scenes of characters being efficient and happy, I almost put the book down. The continual song-singing and jokey-camaraderie seemed over...more

I’ve always admired Jack London for the person that he became through sheer determination. He was a person that was born into a destiny comprised of long hours of manual labor but in spite of this position found time whenever possible, even at the cost of only four hours of sleep at night, to stu...more

"მე მოხეტიალე კაცის დიდებულ ცხოვრებას ვეწევი..."

"ჭეშმარიტება ის არის, რაც ცხოვრებაში თავის თავს ამართლებს."

"მამაკაცი ზარმაცი და უხეშია, მას არ უყვარს, როდესაც თავს აბეზრებენ და მოთბინებიდან გამოჰყავთ. მას სიმშვიდე და დასვენება უყვარს. მას შემდეგ კი რაც ადამიანთა მოდგმა არსებობს, ერთთავად მოუსვენა...more

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