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A Little Book of Christmas

John Kendrick Bangs

Book Overview: 

Four short Christmas stories, a bit sentimental, but still affecting and worthwhile. Plus Four Christmas verses.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . . this here leter when he sees you to ast you not to fergit me and jimmy like you did last yeer. you aint been to see me an jimmy since popper lost his Jobb and he says its becoz you lost our adres so ime ritin to tell you weve moved since you come the lass time and am now livin now on the Topp flor of fore 69 varrick streete[28] noo york which youd ort not to find it hard to git down the chimbley bein on the topp flor closte to the roofe so i thort ide rite and tell you what me and jimmyd like to hav you bring us wenn you come. I nede some noo shues and a hatt and my lasst dol babys all wore out and sum candy if you can work it in sumhow, not havin had much since popper lost his jobb, and jimmies only gott one mitt left and his shues is wore throo like mine is only a little worser, and a baseball batt and hed like sum candy to. if there wass anything lefft ovvur for us from lass crissmis wich you dident kno ware to find us to giv it to us we wuddent mind havin that two . . . Read More

Community Reviews

Four short stories and some poems by John Kendrick Bangs.

I suppose dated - but no more than Dickens which means they are timeless. Worth a reread as full of moralistic and hopeful Christmas cheer - worth a read certainly

Whene'er I find a man who don't Believe in Santa Claus, And spite of all remonstrance won't Yield up to logic's laws, And see in things that lie about The proof by no means dim, I straightway cut that fellow out, And don't believe in him.
The good old Saint is everywhere A...more

Nice Christmas stories for young children & some poems. Arthur Beecher's illustrations were excellent.

I am always amazed by the charm and morals by these mostly forgotten tales of yesteryear. Even though these stories are "Santa-centric" there was a wonderful language and flow that writers today have left behind but I certainly enjoyed reading.

This was a really great little book. The stories were very much in the spirit of Christmas, and the poems were a real pleasure to read. I will probably try and remember to read this again when future Christmases come around. I would think older children may enjoy having the stories and poems read...more

Collection of short stories and poems about Christmas. My absolute favorite was the House of the Seven Santas

Rating: 3.0/5.0

The book has a couple of short stories about Christmas. The first story was longer than the rest though. I don't want to rate the stories individually but I can comfortably say that they are ranging between average and good. The writing was easy to read but still, you can feel the...more

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