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The Lion's Skin

Rafael Sabatini

Book Overview: 

Justin Caryll was an unwilling hero: an unwilling plotter of revenge, an unwilling spy and an unwilling pursuer of the woman he loves. Justin must thread a perilous path through various sticky wickets, between the machinations of his foster father, the violence of his brother, the relentless pursuit by the government's agent, his hopeless love for the hapless heroine, and the struggles of his own conscience. Fortunately, Justin is equipped with the skill and speed to lunge and parry, both verbally and with a sword, to make his way through 18th century London with plenty of aplomb, in the midst of Jacobite plots and financial finagling by the ultra rich.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Leduc, who looked up with a quiet smile.

"True," said Mr. Caryll, "and there's my portmantle above-stairs, and my saddle on my horse in the stables. It is even possible, for aught you know, that there may be a hollow tooth or two in my head. Pray let your search be thorough."

Mr. Green considered him again. "If you had it, it would be upon your person."

"Yet consider," Mr. Caryll begged him, holding out his foot that Leduc might put on his shoe again, "I might have supposed that you would suppose that, and disposed accordingly. You had better investigate to the bitter end."

Mr. Green's small eyes continued to scrutinize Leduc at intervals. The valet was a silent, serious-faced fellow. "I'll search your servant, leastways," the spy announced.

"By all means. Leduc, I beg that you will place yourself at this interesting gentleman's disposal."

What time Mr. Caryll, unaided now, completed the resumption of hi. . . Read More

Community Reviews

রাফায়েল সাবাতিনির ক্লাসিক সম্পর্কে আলোচনা করার তেমন কিছু নেই।‌‌ অন্তত আমার কাছে–আমি এমন কাহিনি পড়েই আনন্দ পাই।

লম্বা লম্বা কিছু সংলাপ ছাড়া বাকি গল্প ঝরঝরে... কোনো পৃষ্ঠায় আড়ষ্টতার ছাপ নেই, সাঁই সাঁই করে এগিয়ে গেছে। শুরুতে থ্রিলারের স্বাদ, আর শেষে নায়কের দায়িত্ববোধ সুন্দর লেগেছে।

রাফায়েল সাবাতিনি, সায়েম সোলায়মান এবং সেবা প্রকাশনী- এই তিন কম্বিনেশন মানেই দারুণ কিছু। ঈদের দিনে ভালো একটা বই পড়লাম।

I love this heroine. She responds to a villain's cruelty by taking his sword and beating him with it. You gotta love that spirit!

The rest of the story is quite enjoyable, as is generally the case for me with Sabatini novels. The bastard son of a nobleman has been raised to avenge his cast-off mother


Sabatini's heroes are so quick-witted and hilariously sarcastic. He's at ease in virtually every situation but his love life. And it NEVER gets old. The historical accuracy of a time period in which kings are in exile, rebellions are beginning, and loyalties are being questioned--how easily a tale o

What a marvelous novel about love, loyalty, honor and family with healthy doses of betrayal and subterfuge. What's best about this novel, is Rafael Sabatini's fantastic ability to build suspense in nearly every single chapter. This book is well worth your time.

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