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Linda Tressel

Anthony Trollope

Book Overview: 

Linda Tressel lives a lonely life with her domineering aunt, Madame Staubach, in a large house in Nuremberg. Madame Staubach takes in the odious and much older Peter Steinmarc as a lodger and plans that Linda should marry him – entirely against Linda’s will. Meanwhile Linda falls in love with Ludovic Valcalm, a disreputable young man. The book follows Linda’s fortunes.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Madame Staubach said, "Peter has told me that Ludovic Valcarm has been—making love to you. Linda, is this true?" Linda had been unable to say that it was not true. Her aunt put the matter to her in a more cunning way than Steinmarc had done, and Linda felt herself unable to deny the charge. "Then let me tell you, that of all the young women of whom I ever heard, you are the most deceitful," continued Madame Staubach.

"Do not say that, aunt Charlotte; pray, do not say that."

"But I do say it. Oh, that it should have come to this between you and me!"

"I have not deceived you. Indeed I have not. I don't want to see Ludovic again; never, if you do not wish it. I haven't said a word to him. Oh, aunt, pray believe me. I have never spoken a word to him;—in the way of what you mean."

"Will you consent to marry Peter Steinmarc?" Linda hesitated a moment before she answered. "Tell me, Miss; will you promise to take Peter Steinmarc a. . . Read More

Community Reviews

3.5 stars rounded up to 4
I keep coming back to Trollope because I increasingly feel he is one of the better Victorian novelists and in my opinion he writes female characters better than any other Victorian male. This was one of his more experimental novels; he published it anonymously and it was muc

Linda Tressel was part of Trollope's experiment to see if people would buy his books if he published under a pseudonym. I didn't buy this one. It has some fairy-tale elements to it, including its setting in Bavaria, specifically in Nuremberg, the city of Albrecht Durer and Hans Sachs, but it does no

I think Trollope did not write many tragedies, but this is one. Even in the works where the characters are saddened, there are humorous lines/characters to offset it. But not in Linda Tressel. Throughout his works, Trollope's characters are, for the most part, good church goers. In this he gives us

About three and a half stars. Not one of Trollope’s best. It needed a subplot or two. But genuinely very sad and a great indictment on religious extremism.

So irritating but engaging! I really loved this book!

I can't believe I found a Trollope book that I don't like! I wanted to shake the main character Linda from the beginning to the end. I wanted to do worse to her aunt. The setting was also uninteresting. I think this is my 34th Trollope novel; and I pray the 35th is much better!

One of Trollope's intense and grim psychological things. It isn't explicit of course, but the sense of a young woman being forced into an abhorrent sexual situation is pretty disturbing. It's a short novel with a pretty relentless plot. A good study - not as good as James, but good - for how to stru

The main character, Linda Tressel, is orphaned at a young age and raised by a severe, strictly-religious aunt. They both live in a beautiful house with a lodger named Peter Steinbeck, an old man with questionable motives. After a conversation between Peter and the aunt, it's suggested that Linda mar

Classic Trollope

So terribly, terribly sad. A lovely young woman hounded to the grave by her aunt, a deeply religious woman who in her love for the child wanted to see her securely married to a man fifty plus years her senior that she loathed. And the man who wanted her for her youth and her home.

No reason to dwell on the typical shortcomings found in "lesser" Trollope--the only reason to read this is if one is involved in some sort of race or personal challenge requiring the reading of all 47 of the master's novels. I'm happy to report both that this makes 47 for me AND that though this cer

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