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Life of Saint Monica

F. A. Forbes

Book Overview: 

This book is above all things the story of a mother. But it is also the story of a noble woman—a woman who was truly great, for the reason that she never sought to be so. Because she understood the sphere in which a woman's work in the world must usually lie, and led her life truly along the lines that God had laid down for her; because she suffered bravely, forgot herself for others, and remained faithful to her noble ideals, she ruled as a queen amongst those with whom her life was cast. Her influence was great and far-reaching, but she herself was the last to suspect it, the last to desire it, and that was perhaps the secret of its greatness. The type is rare at the present day, but, thank God! there are Monicas still in the world. If there were more, the world would be a better place.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .s feet for the daily suffering.

The heart of Patricius was like a neglected garden. Germs of generosity, of nobility, lay hidden under a rank growth of weeds that no one had ever been at any trouble to clear away. The habits of a lifetime held him captive. With Monica he was always at his best, but he grew weary of being at his best. It was so much easier to be at his worst. He gradually began to seek distractions amongst his old pagan companions in the old ignoble pleasures.

The whole town began to talk of his neglect of his beautiful young wife. Monica suffered cruelly, but in silence. When he was at home, which was but seldom, she was serene and gentle as usual. She never reproached him, and treated him with the same tender deference as of old. Patricius felt the charm of her presence; all that was good in him responded; but evil habits had gone far to stifle the good, and his lower nature cried out for base enjoyments. He w. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Một người vợ phúc hậu và là một người mẹ tuyệt vời.

Bằng lời cầu nguyện chân thành Mẹ đã cứu lấy chính người chồng và người con rất đỗi nổi tiếng là thánh Augustine.

Mẹ nói với những phụ nữ không may mắn trong hôn nhân,
"Nếu có thể cầm giữ miệng lưỡi mình, không chỉ bạn có thể tránh bị bạo hành, mà có

A quick read. As the author states near the beginning, the stories of Monica and Augustine will forever be intertwined. This book is no expecting and tells much of her story through the lense of Augustine's troubles and conversion.

its alright for what it is; it perhaps cant or oughtnt to be blamed for what it isnt. -behold-?

Wonderfully written!

The story portrayed a true saint and faithful child of God, how we should act as Christians. We must have faith and pay as such. We must accept our suffering with outward joy to bring people to Christ. Thank you! God bless and inspire all who read this book

A classical book, with a nice little modern addendum with additional prayers and information about the Confraternity of Christian Mothers.

A story, told in a lovely, straightforward, and not saccharine way, of St. Monica and her life of prayer and example for her husband and children, helping to conv

Very recommended.

I always thought Saint Augustine’s baptism was delayed in order to allow him to sin and then be made spotless by baptism but it was almost the opposite.

Saint Monica was worried if she baptized her son he would not practice the faith and be worse off for it.

Back then a scrupulous

Satisfying if you're looking for a top-level intro to who Saint Monica was, but will probably still leave you seeking more as most of the book focused on Augustine. Yes, that Augustine.

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