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The Life Everlasting

Marie Corelli

Book Overview: 

Marie Corelli's book The Life Everlasting examines the world of past lives, mysticism, secret societies and twin souls against a backdrop of a true love based on the highest ideals. The plot follows our heroine from a yachting trip around Scotland with eccentric characters such as an atheist millionaire and his hypochondriac daughter, to the entering of a secret society of ancient mystics where she is determined to achieve initiation. Ms. Corelli's beautiful, flowing, and descriptive writing style make this novel a joy of upliftment and inspiration.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .ring unknown worlds, oblivious of my material surroundings, and forgetting that despite the splendid evidences of a governing Intelligence in the beauty and order of the Universe spread about them every day, my companions in the journey of pleasure we were undertaking together were actually destitute of all faith in God, and had less perception of the existing Divine than the humblest plant may possess that instinctively forces its way upward to the light. I did not think of this,—it was no use thinking about it as I could not better the position,—but I found myself curiously considering the story Mr. Harland had told about his college friend at Oxford. I tried to picture his face and figure till presently it seemed as if I saw him,—indeed I could have sworn that a man's shadowy form stood immediately in front of me, bending upon me a searching glance from eyes that were strangely familiar. Startled at this wraith of my own fancy, I half rose from my ch. . . Read More

Community Reviews

This book bring us to search a sence in this life. This book want to make us in front of the important questions and matters of the life. Isn't a easy read, isn't simple as the way is write than for the argument...
But, if someone want to read it, the book - and Corelli - can reveal big surprise!!!

Marie Corelli was a British novelist/mystic who wrote during the turn of the century. I picked up this falling-apart antique book years ago, and I think I like the feel of the physical book itself more than the content. I didn't get all the way through it due to overwhelming cheese (they used a lot!

What an imagination, what realities....Marie takes her readers into this world where you start questioning yourself is this fiction or reality. Has anyone ever steps into this ideal an reality that she is talking about. The idea is noble, engaging and lifts you out of the doldrums of everyday life a

Marie Corell - Vida Sempiterna

Livro muito bom... mostra, em forma de romance, que a vontade deveria estar sempre presente na consecução de qualquer atividade. "Tudo o que merece ser feito, merece ser bem feito". De outra forma, estamos apenas desperdiçando nossa energia vital em atividades que não s


A Book worth the name......Loved every page of it.