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The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Washington Irving

Book Overview: 

The quiet Dutch community of Sleepy Hollow lies in the Adirondack Mountains on the western shore of the mighty Hudson River in America’s colonial period. The solitude of the woods is breathtaking, and not even a schoolmaster is immune from the eerie miasma which everyone knows permeates the dense forest. Washington Irving’s The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow has become a classic of American literature, and has been retold in many different ways. Here is the original, from Irving’s own hand.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .His appearance, therefore, is apt to occasion some little stir at the tea-table of a farmhouse, and the addition of a supernumerary dish of cakes or sweetmeats, or, peradventure, the parade of a silver teapot. Our man of letters, therefore, was peculiarly happy in the smiles of all the country damsels. How he would figure among them in the churchyard, between services on Sundays; gathering grapes for them from the wild vines that overran the surrounding trees; reciting for their amusement all the epitaphs on the tombstones; or sauntering, with a whole bevy of them, along the banks of the adjacent millpond; while the more bashful country bumpkins hung sheepishly back, envying his superior elegance and address.

From his half-itinerant life, also, he was a kind of travelling gazette, carrying the whole budget of local gossip from house to house, so that his appearance was always greeted with satisfaction. He was, moreover, esteemed by the women as a man of great e. . . Read More

Community Reviews

This creative and magical novel tells the story about Ichabod Crane who is a poor school teacher and only works for 10 dollars a day. This tale takes place around the time of the American Revolution near Tarrytown, New York. Ichabod sleeps in a student's house and does very little work around the ho

Love this tale, really enjoyed the story of the headless horseman when I was younger so I was curious to read this edition when they saw it being read by another Goodreads friend. It was fun but I find some of the graphics a bit funky (hope thats a real word) I prefer realistic drawings ............more

What a great Halloween story! Makes me crave deep autumn.

Oh the story of the headless horseman, what better story to read while trying to scare kids or enjoy a nice halloween weekend. The classic horror story created by Washington Irving has been twisted and tweak countless amounts of times to creat movies, shows, and even other books. But there is nothin

Every aspect of the book is complex: intricate plot, sophisticated language, detailed narration. The author has done a good job by making the story short. The detailed narration brings forth a good imagination.

I'm citing a block below which impressed me a lot.

I profess not to know how women's heart

Perfect scary story! I love the part where it says ..."and he would have passed a pleasant life of it, in despite of the Devil and all his works, if his path had not been crossed by a being that causes more perplexity to mortal man than ghosts, goblins, and the whole race of witches put together, an

Washington Irving certainly had a firm grasp on language, and he flaunts it here. Still, the flowery description and excruciating attention given to the scenery, vegetation, the food on tables, etc. gets old fast. This is already a short book as it is and said flowery descriptions make up the majori

A scary tale from America's past, but sadly, much of it is lost to another time.

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