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Last Enemy

H. Beam Piper

Book Overview: 

An undercover Paratimer has disappeared on assignment while in an alternate time line, and it’s up to Verkan Vall of the Paratime Police to save her. To do so, he must infiltrate a universe in which assassination is an honorable profession, and reincarnation a scientific fact. Will Verkan Vall survive in a world of killers and the undead?

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .What sort of a jam's little Dalla got herself into, now?"

"Well, frankly, we don't know. I hope she's still alive, but I'm not unduly optimistic. It seems that about a year ago, Dr. Hadron transposed to the Second Level, to study alleged proof of reincarnation which the Akor-Neb people were reported to possess. She went to Gindrabar, on Venus, and transposed to the Second Paratime Level, to a station maintained by Outtime Import & Export Trading Corporation—a zerfa plantation just east of the High Ridge country. There she assumed an identity as the daughter of a planter, and took the name of Dallona of Hadron. Parenthetically, all Akor-Neb family-names are prepositional; family-names were originally place names. I believe that ancient Akor-Neb marital relations were too complicated to permit exact establishment of paternity. And all Akor-Neb men's personal names have -irz- or -arn- inserted in the middle, and women's names end in -itra- or -ona. You co. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Don't get we wrong I love Piper's stories, and this is no exception concened here with two ideologies in conflict over the nature of reincarnation, what I do have a problem was with his dubious(to say the least)political views.

the arrogant, cocksure, ambitious, LEFTIST politician, who knows what i

A sci-fi short story from the "golden age" by a noted practitioner of the time, The Last Enemy is an inter-dimensional tale of political intrigue, reincarnation and institutionalized assassination, told with a lively sense of humour.

When a time traveling scientist from a technologically advanced ti

This Paratime story is about a universe where reincarnation is a proven fact, humanity has interstellar travel, everyone is brown-skinned, and a war is about to start between Statisticalists (Communists) and Volitionists (Capitalists). A Paratime scientist and natives from that timeline discover how

These Paratime stories are usually hard to follow, especially initially, but overall they are really enjoyable. As always, this story tackles a concept (proof of reincarnation) and follows it to an interesting conclusion, especially the impacts that scientific proof has on a society.

Set in the Paratime Police series, this science fiction story delves into another dimension where reincarnation is not a religious ideology, but an objective reality. However, the nature of rebirth is uncertain and has lead to the creation of two distinct factions. That is, until the truth of the si

2019 grade B

Kindle mega-pack

How do you kill your enemies, when they keep reincarnating? How would the knowledge of optional, and purposeful, reincarnation change the socio-political landscape of a world? If you forcibly disincarnate someone (the word for to kill, or murder in this short story), what are the ramifications. All

This is one the books in H. Beam Piper’s Paratime Police universe. As usual Piper is brilliant. Surprisingly, for a book written in the fifties, this book features a female scientist who, though she does need to be rescued, actually has a personality and does a good deal of the rescuing herself. The

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