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The Last Egyptian

L. Frank Baum

Book Overview: 

Published anonymously during Baum's lifetime as he did not want his adult adventure stories to detract from his children's fantasy stories, the story takes the limited points of view of three protagonists in the field of Egyptology. A complex tale of intrigue, embezzlement, forgery, arranged marriages, bigotry and cheating keep the reader guessing the outcome until the last chapter.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Cairo to Khartoum.” He tossed a cigarette at Sĕra, who caught it deftly and put it between her lips. Then he graciously allowed her to obtain a light from his own cigarette.

Meantime, Nephthys, on entering the hut behind Tadros, had walked to the further side of the room and lifted the lid of a rude chest, rough hewn from eucalyptus wood. From this she drew a bundle, afterward closing the lid and spreading the contents of the bundle upon the chest. Then she turned her back to the others, unfastened her dusty black gown, and allowed it to fall to her hips. Over her head she dropped a white tunic, and afterward a robe of coarse gauze covered thickly with cheap spangles. She now stepped out of the black gown and hung it upon a peg. A broad gilt belt was next clasped around her waist—loosely, so as not to confine too close the folds of spangled gauze.

Tadros, during his conversation with Sĕra, watched this transformation of his betrothe. . . Read More

Community Reviews

While outdated, the story line was quick moving and relatively captivating.

(( اقترب منه صاحبنا الإنجليزي، قال وهو ينظر إليه عن كثبت أنت قبطي أليس كذلك؟
ضحك الرجل، وتحدث الإنجليزية بتلقائية كأنه يتكلم بلغته الأم قائلا
إذا كنت كغيرك تنساق خلف الأحكام المسبقة وتعتبر كل قبطي مسيحيا! ثم عاد ليوضح أنا لست مسيحيا لكن إذا كنت تعني بقبطي أنني مصري وليس عربيا إذا فأنت محق في تقديرك ب

الترجمة لطيفة ومترابطة

أكيد بتحصل كتير انك تكون مرتب تقرأ حاجة معينة وبعدين ايدك تيجي على حاجة تانية من المكتبة وده اللي حصل مع رواية المصري الاخير اللي انا لا فاكر اشتريتها امتى ولا ليه بس كانت صدفة جميلة كرواية قديمة وترجمة ممتازة قليلا ما نقابلها في الفترة الاخيرة وهي رواية خيالية تدور ايام الاستعمار الانجليزي لمصر وطب

لازم بردو نشكر الرواق بشدة لاكتشافها العمل المدفون ده واللي مستغربة فعلا إزاي مكنش معروف ومترجمش قبل كده
الكتاب ممتع والترجمة ممتازة وأنا بشكل شخصي بحب أي حاجة فيها أجواء وروح فرعونية
النهاية استفزتني شوية واستفزني إن إنجليزية الكاتب مخلياه يصور إن المرأة الإنجليزية هي أكثر تحضرًا ودهاء من المرأة الع

While many people may think of L. Frank Baum as just a children's writer of the Land of Oz series, this may come as a surprise for them. The book is beautifully written and the level of wit in the schemes are clearly laid out laid out. It one of those forgotten literary gems that is worthy of having

A book worthy of being made into a movie (again).

I read the digital version of the first edition from Google Books. This is by far the best adult fiction I have read from Baum. A tale of betrayal and revenge reaching across three generations and set in the Nile valley.

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