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Lady Windermere's Fan

Oscar Wilde

Book Overview: 

Lady Windermere’s Fan: A Play About a Good Woman is a four act comedy by Oscar Wilde. As in some of his other comedies, Wilde satirizes the morals of Victorian society, and attitudes between the sexes.

The action centers around a fan given to Lady Windermere as a present by her husband, and the ball held that evening to celebrate her 21st birthday.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Arthur keeps his bank book - in one of the drawers of that desk.  I might find out by that.  I will find out.  [Opens drawer.]  No, it is some hideous mistake.  [Rises and goes C.]  Some silly scandal!  He loves me!  He loves me!  But why should I not look?  I am his wife, I have a right to look!  [Returns to bureau, takes out book and examines it page by page, smiles and gives a sigh of relief.]  I knew it! there is not a word of truth in this stupid story.  [Puts book back in dranver.  As the does so, starts and takes out another book.]  A second book - private - locked!  [Tries to open it, but fails.  Sees paper knife on bureau, and with it cuts cover from book.  Begins to start at the first page.]  ‘Mrs. Erlynne - £600 - Mrs. Erlynne - £700 - Mrs. Erlynne - £400.’  Oh! it is true!  It is true!  How horrible!  [Throws book on floor.]  . . . Read More

Community Reviews

WOW. Oscar Wilde is a genius! This was so realistic, there was so much wisdom pouring out of it. It was entertaining and short, straight forward, full of cherished quotes. Loved it! ♥

Reading an Oscar Wilde play is sort of like life being perfect. The structure of the work is faultless, the dialogue is uber-clever and fantastic. What's wrong with Wilde? Nothing. He's perfect. I can't imagine any writer who wrote so beautifully in his native language. There are some people who are

Wilde's wit never bores me, which is why he is one of my favorite authors. Below are a few quotations I particularly liked from Lady Windermere's fan:

"... scandal is gossip made tedious by morality."

"In this world there are only two tragedies. One is not getting what one wants, and the other is gett

This is a brilliant play written by Oscar Wild. From the first dialogue, I knew I'm in for a treat. And yes indeed I was. There was so much in this play - humour, satire, witty dialogues, drama, excitement, sensitivity and a heartwarming story full of wisdom. All of these features were clustered int

An enjoyable play that I liked more than The Importance of Being Earnest and An Ideal Husband. Many Goodread members classify Lady Windermere's Fan as a comedy and although there are definitely some witty parts, you know the Oscar Wilde wit, but I found the play to be more of a drama. Slightly disap

A combination of drama and humor
as usual, Wilde criticizes appearances and social hypocrisy of the aristocratic society and the different view of actions of men and women
and the most important point about the harsh judgments of people over others while it's so normal for the human nature to fluctuat

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.
Lady Windermere's Fan ~~ Oscar Wilde

Lady Windermere's Fan is quite clever, quite witty, but at it's heart is a comedy in the vein of The Importance of Being Ernest. And while all is resolved in a neat package by the end of Act IV, it

Beyond the appreciation level, my meager vocabulary could ever achieve!

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