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The Lady with the Dog

Anton Pavlovich Chekhov

Book Overview: 

Anton Chekhov was a Russian physician, dramatist and author who is considered to be among the greatest writers of short stories in history. This is a collection of 7 of his insightful short stories about the human condition and include, beside the title story, A Doctor's Visit; An Upheaval; Ionitch; and The Husband which are best known.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .e-nez—used to write novels and stories, and was very fond of reading them aloud to her visitors. The daughter, Ekaterina Ivanovna, a young girl, used to play on the piano. In short, every member of the family had a special talent. The Turkins welcomed visitors, and good-humouredly displayed their talents with genuine simplicity. Their stone house was roomy and cool in summer; half of the windows looked into a shady old garden, where nightingales used to sing in the spring. When there were visitors in the house, there was a clatter of knives in the kitchen and a smell of fried onions in the yard—and that was always a sure sign of a plentiful and savoury supper to follow.

And as soon as Dmitri Ionitch Startsev was appointed the district doctor, and took up his abode at Dyalizh, six miles from S——, he, too, was told that as a cultivated man it was essential for him to make the acquaintance of the Turkins. In the winter he was int. . . Read More

Community Reviews

There are moments, when reading this book, where I couldn't even notice how influential Chekhov's style of short story writing has been. These short stories just feel like short stories; it's easy to forget that these are among the first short stories as we know them... The snippets in time, the...more

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Note on Text

--The House with the Mezzanine
--Man in a Case
--About Love
--A Visit to Friends
--My Life
--The Lady with the Little Dog
--In the Ravine
--Disturbing the Balance
--The Bishop
--The Bride

Publishing History and Note...more

هل فعلاً ممكن أن يأتي الحب متأخراً !

האוסף הזה כולל 7 סיפורים קצרים מאת צ'כוב אינו אחיד בעיניי, לא מבחינת איכות הסיפורים ולא מבחינת התרגום.

הסיפורים עוסקים בחיים של האנשים הפשוטים שברובם הגיבורים עוברים שינוי בחייהם. בעיניי הסיפור הטוב בקובץ הוא הגברת עם הכלבלב, שהוא גם הסיפור הידוע ביותר בקובץ.

אהבתם של דימיטרי גורוב ואנה סרגייבנה, מ...more

ما يثير الإعجاب حقا في "تشيخوف" أنه في إيجاز ومن غير ثرثرة واستطراد في الوصف، قادر على إيصال معانى وإشارات ذات مغزى. "إنّ القصة التشيخوفية تتسم بأنها في الغالب تبتدئ بداية غير معقولة ولامنطقية، ثم في المنتصف تقريبًا يبدأ يظهر خيط الفكرة، وفي النهاية تصدمك مرارة الفكرة بسخريتها الشديدة ودراميتها ا...more

São um conjunto de contos que narram histórias de dramas familiares, traições, loucuras, obsessões e histórias de amores falhados.

Não é um livro surpreendente, alguns contos como " A visita de um médico" ou " O marido" são apenas meras descrições. Mas outras como "O monge negro" e " Uma história...more

I must confess that I hold a deep dislike of Chekhov. Why is this? It is because of his sheer brilliance. The way he writes a short story is effortless and beautiful regardless of translation (I've read a few of the same stories from different translators and they all capture the story elegantly)...more

Chekhov seems to be one of those authors that sophisticated people read and have opinions on, and I had not read anything by him when I picked up this book. I was quickly seduced by his elegant and direct prose and his simple snapshots of life in turn-of-the-century Russia: life in the country, m...more

Η πρώτη μου συνάντηση με τον Τσέχοφ ήταν έρωτας με την πρώτη ματιά. Είναι ο δεύτερος κεραυνοβόλος έρωτας μετά τον λατρεμένο μου Τσβάιχ. Η εξιστόρηση της καθημερινότητας και των αξιών της εποχής με τόσο προσιτό τρόπο, είναι κάτι που με ευχαριστεί πάρα πολύ. Επίσης το γεγονός ότι παρατηρεί κανείς τ...more

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