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La faute de l'Abbe Mouret

Émile Zola

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .You don't give away chattels like that. Rosalie is no great bargain, but it's always hard to see your own daughter throw herself away on a pauper.'

* A popular name in France for a Christian Brother.—ED.

'Still,' rejoined Abbe Mouret, 'a marriage is the only way of stopping the scandal.'

The Brother shrugged his big shoulders and laughed aggravatingly. 'Do you think you'll cure the neighbourhood with that marriage?' he exclaimed. 'Before another two years Catherine will be following her sister's example. They all go the same way, and as they end by marrying, they snap their fingers at every one. These Artauds flourish in it all, as on a congenial dungheap. There is only one possible remedy, as I have told you before: wring all the girls' necks if you don't want the country to be poisoned. No husbands, Monsieur le Cure, but a good thick stick!'

Then calming down a bit, he added: 'Let every one do with their own as they think b. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Tony’s review captures perfectly my feelings about this fifth entry in the R-M series. You know what? You should read Tony’s excellent review, that’s what. What’s that? You’d like me to make use of the archaic GR HTML option to create an easily clickable link to Tony’s review?


گناه کشیش موره، پنجمین کتاب از مجموعه بیست جلدی روگن ماکاره و زیرمجموعه کتاب قبلی محسوب میشه. داستان این کتاب هم درست مثل کتاب قبل به نقد مذهب می‌پردازه. در طول کتاب مقایسه های زیادی بین طبیعت و مذهب صورت گرفته که اولی بعنوان نشانه‌ای از زندگی و دومی بعنوان نشانه‌ای از مرگ و رنج و سختیه، به طوری که

Seguendo il percorso di lettura tracciato dallo stesso Zola, “La faute de l’abbé Mouret", è il nono romanzo; quinto, invece, nell’ordine cronologico di pubblicazione.

Il soggetto del romanzo indicato da Zola stesso è:

” La lutte intérieure d’un prêtre contre l’amour, la femme, et le paradis terrestre

In the Conquest of Plassans, Serge Mouret, during an illness, was watched over by Father Faujas, who took the opportunity to brainwash him. Healed, he asked to enter the seminary.
This novel divided into three parts.
In the first, Serge is a priest in a poor parish in the south of France. This village

Degenerazione e ancora degenerazione dell’eredità genetica di Adelaide, doppiamente declinata in termini Rougon (dalla parte della madre Marthe) e Macquart (per parte di padre), diversamente realizzata nella vitale, fisica, idiota Désirée e nell’esangue semi-tisico maniaco-religioso fratello Serge.

I have read other works by Zola (Germinal) and thoroughly enjoyed them. But, not this one. Why I endured 300 pages is beyond me.

The book is divided into three sections and the first part is very good. It is the psycho-sexual-religious struggle of a young priest, Mouret, in a small French village. Th

This, the eleventh of the twenty Rougon-Macquart novels I’ve read since setting the goal of reading them all, is incredibly frustrating and the least satisfying of them yet. Written a year after
The Conquest of Plassans
, Zola adds more to what he viewed as innate hypocrisies of organized religio

(Some plot spoiling occurs in this review, but, come on, the novel is 140 years old.)

This novel is considered by scholars as one of Zola's lesser works, and you'll get no disagreement from me. Too many fevered hallucinations, too many over-the-top Garden of Eden re-imaginings.

The garden had no shame

Translator's Note
Select Bibliography
A Chronology of Émile Zola
Family Tree of the Rougon-Macquart

--The Sin of Abbé Mouret

Explanatory Notes

A originalidade deste livro de Émile Zola não está no enredo. Histórias à volta de romances pecaminosos envolvendo padres não são nenhuma novidade. O que o distingue dos restantes é a fabulosa escrita de Zola que usando de um poder descritivo como poucos, brinda-nos com uma alegoria dum exuberante P

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