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H. G. Wells

Book Overview: 

Arthur Kipps, an orphaned draper’s assistant of humble means, unexpectedly inherits a large sum of money and that is when all his troubles begin. Wanting to marry above his social class, he has to learn how to lead a genteel life, but that is too much for him. You would think that his decision to revert to Ann, his boyhood love, would solve his problems and bring him back to earth and contentment. But even now the consequences of being wealthy are not easy to live with.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .It played the rôle of the word in season. Something in the nature of conversion, a faint sort of concentration of purpose, really occurred in him then. The article was written with penetrating vehemence, and it stimulated him to the pitch of inquiring about the local Science and Art Classes, and after he had told everybody in the shop about it and taken the advice of all who supported his desperate resolution, he joined. At first he attended the class in Freehand, that being the subject taught on early closing night; and he had already made some progress in that [Pg 68]extraordinary routine of reproducing freehand "copies" which for two generations had passed with English people for instruction in art, when the dates of the classes were changed. Thereby just as the March winds were blowing he was precipitated into the wood-carving class, and his mind diverted first to this useful and broadening pursuit, and then to its teacher.


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Community Reviews

I read this book for a very specific reason, which will not be of relevance to too many readers—I have just bought an apartment in Folkestone, where Kipps is set, and I was curious to read an account of it in its brief late-Victorian moment of glory. Kipps didn’t disappoint on that front. Wells port

I wound up thoroughly enjoying the second half of _Kipps_, where Wells stops his merciless mockery of the eponymous anti-hero and begins instead to poke fun at himself. Favorite lines include Kipps's enthusiastic determination to set himself up as a bookseller because all books are the same -- "If y

A solid satire by H G Wells: ordinary man Kipps inherits, and is thrust into the farcical world of the English gentlemen in which Wells does not hold back with the satire. 7 out of 12

From TIA:
Two part radio dramatisation of H G Wells' novel of the draper's assistant who is bequeathed a fortune.

Raised in the respectable gloom of his uncle's shop and looking forward to a career of unremitting drapery, Kipps finds his life changed by an astonishing bit of luck after being hit by a

The main character is a man called Kipp. Kipp is a sweet man who make an honest living in a shop as an assistant.
One day Kipp comes in to some money and and then he’s loses it all when trying to build a house.
This book is pretty much money based, on how easy it comes and gos and how you shouldn’t

I picked this book having an open mind. I had never heard of it or knew what it was about. The book starts with the main character Arthur Kipps. He's a young orphan living with his aunt and uncle. Through several chapters we learn that he has been an apprentice to a draper for seven years. We also l

This is a story of wealth, manners, society, etiquette, class and social mobility, money, inequality and aspiration…

Whilst initially not seeming light years away from Alfred Polly, the character and story of Arthur Kipps turns out to be something quite, quite different.

Again there are echoes of Dick

A really interesting examination of class and culture in the late 19th century, with great characterisation and moments of humour and poignancy. It has a touch of Great Expectations about it and is definitely my favourite HG Wells so far.

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Bis zum Ende bin ich nicht warmgeworden mit dem Buch, obwohl die Story durchaus nicht unspannend ist. Artie Kipps aus der Unterschicht erbt unverhofft sehr viel Geld und wird dadurch automatisch irgendwie zum Mitglied der besseren Gesellschaft, ohne wirklich dazuzugehören.

Die Sprache des Romans ist

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