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King Solomon's Mines

Henry Rider Haggard

Book Overview: 

King Solomon’s Mines was a best-selling novel by the Victorian adventure writer H. Rider Haggard. It relates a journey into the heart of Africa by a group of adventurers led by Allan Quatermain in search of the legendary wealth said to be concealed in the mines of the novel’s title. It is significant as the first fictional adventure novel set in Africa, and is considered the genesis of the Lost World literary genre.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .on the farther side of which is a stony slope, the same down which, twenty years before, I had seen poor Silvestre creeping back after his attempt to reach Solomon's Mines, and beyond that slope begins the waterless desert, covered with a species of karoo shrub.

It was evening when we pitched our camp, and the great ball of the sun was sinking into the desert, sending glorious rays of many-coloured light flying all over its vast expanse. Leaving Good to superintend the arrangement of our little camp, I took Sir Henry with me, and walking to the top of the slope opposite, we gazed across the desert. The air was very clear, and far, far away I could distinguish the faint blue outlines, here and there capped with white, of the Suliman Berg.

"There," I said, "there is the wall round Solomon's Mines, but God knows if we shall ever climb it."

"My brother should be there, and if he is, I shall reach him somehow," said Sir Henry, in that to. . . Read More

Community Reviews

“Listen! What is life? It is a feather, it is the seed of the grass, blown hither and thither, sometimes multiplying itself and dying in the act, sometimes carried away into the heavens. But if that seed be good and heavy it may perchance travel a little way on the road it wills. It is well to try a

I always fascinated treasure hunt books and this book did really surpassed my expectations. A real adventure it was! Its a story of: survival, revenge, making of a king, greatest treasure hunt, and friendship.

I was hooked from the start and the story just got more riveting with every page. This bo

دمج رائع بين التاريخ والخيال والعصر الذي عاش فيه الكاتب. احداث مشوقة وسريعة وغامضة تنتقل من مشهد الى اخر.

كنوز الملك سليمان يحصل عليها المغامرون بعد مغامرتهم الرائعة ولكن لكل منهم كنزه ومن يضحك آخراً يضحك كثيرا.

واختار افريقيا مسرحا لهذه الرواية مع ان تاريخيا كانت مملكة سليمان في آسيا. لان افريقيا تبق

هل أنا جنتلمان؟ هكذا تساءل ألان كوارترمين في ذكرى ميلاده ال55
لقد عملت بيدي منذ سن 11 و
لقد قتلت عشرات الرجال لكني لم الوث يدي بدم بريء
لقد صرعت 65اسدا و كان لابد ان ينهش ساقي الأسد السادس و الستين"ا

فلنشد الرحال لافريقيا مع رواية حملات كلاسيكية {لكن نحن في أفريقيا اصلا

رواية رائعة مليئة بالمغامرات تدور معظم أحداثها في أفريقيا حيث الغموض و الفضول لأكتشاف المزيد من الاسرار عن تلك القارة العجوز البكر
تبدأ الرواية بسير" كيرتس" و الذى يذهب إلى أفريقيا في محاولة للعثور على أخيه المفقود مستعيناً بخدمات "آلان كوترمين" لتبدا رحلة للعثور على الأخ المفقود الذى كان يسعى قبل ال

This book is the response to a five-shilling dare from Haggard's brother that he couldn't write a book half as good as Treasure Island. Haggard was enormously popular in his time; he and Robert Louis Stevenson were the two dominant adventure writers

It's enormously imaginative. Alan Quatermain is a b

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King Solomon’s Mines is very much a product of its Victorian, colonial times. Don’t go into this book expecting anything else. Allan Quartermain is an unlikely protagonist, an elephant hunter, something that would get him publically shamed on the internet now

Um dos melhores livros de Aventura que já li, Onde um experiente caçador de tesouros é requisitado por um rico senhor para ir em expedição à África procurar seu irmão desaparecido há dois anos quando fora à procura das minas do rei Salomão .No trajeto , na chegada e na permanência dos "homens das es

Sir H. (Henry) Rider Haggard, the British inventor of the lost civilization adventures stories has here one of his most famous and best, King Solomon's Mines, a wonderful if improbable trek through the thick jungles, high mountains, scorching deserts of this fascinating land. For any person interest

When reading and then reviewing a novel written in the 1880s, one has to sort of teleport back a century or so to be fair. Reading an artifact vs a contemporary work of historical fiction requires an entirely different barometer.

In many instances, the reader has to put aside the shock of sexism and

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