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The King of Pirates

Daniel Defoe

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .New York or New England Ships, which generally come loaden with Peas, Flower, Pork, &c. But it was a long while before any Thing of that Kind presented. We had promis’d the Irish Captain to set him on Shore, with his Company, at Nevis, but we were not willing till we had done our Business in those Seas, because of giving the Alarm among the Islands; so we went away for St. Domingo, and making that Island our Rendezvous, we cruis’d to the Eastward, in Hopes of some Purchase; it was not long before we spy’d a Sail, which prov’d to be a Burmoodas Sloop, but bound from Virginia or Maryland, with Flower, Tobacco, and some Malt; the last a Thing which in particular we knew not what to do with: However, the Flower and Tobacco was very welcome, and the Sloop no less welcome than the rest; for she was a very large Vessel, and carry’d near 60 Tun, and when not so deep loaden, prov’d an excellent Sailer. Soon after this we met with ano. . . Read More

Community Reviews

The King Of Pirates was written in 1719 by Daniel Defoe. Almost no one knows about this book. No one now and no one then as far as I can figure. According to Wikipedia (be prepared, this is rather long):

The King of Pirates is a fictional adventure by Daniel Defoe. It is one of the author's more obsc

Well not much to say about it found it extremely boring at times and every once in awhile interesting. The Pirate did have an amusing personality but for the most part it doesn't shine through enough to save this book. Which is very descriptive almost too much so. It was short which was good if it h

What's strangest about Defoe's pirate fictions is what their narrators are interested in: specifically, accounting-like details of booty acquired, rather than what I think of as the most interesting elements of piracy--viz., the spending (in several senses) of the joy of piracy. The English novel is

No swashbuckler, Defoe's Avery is a drag, a monotonous braggart, an outlaw accountant; field dressed of romance one finds the King of Pirates has not much to bleed: a bold rendering, altogether, understandably forgotten for more marketable antiheroes.

De Daniel Defoe, apenas conhecia o famoso Robinson Crusoe, de que gostei bastante. Encontrei este livro por acaso, numa ida à livraria, e, tratando-se de Defoe, e para mais, de piratas, não lhe resisti.

O livro consiste em duas longas cartas, escritas por um suposto Capitão Avery, Rei dos Piratas, a

This is a somewhat strange adventure story, being the narrated adventures, in the form of two long letters, of one Captain Avery. He was a most Christian pirate, being averse to murdering his captives or ravishing the women. He was in it strictly for the gold, silver, and jewels.

What makes this par

An enjoyable high "real life" adventure as lived by pirates.

It might have been a rollicking good yarn in the late 1600s but it sure is dated. Captain Avery seems to be the luckiest pirate alive who was able to attract a crew of cut throats and murderers all were very agreeable to his plans. He sailed the seas, captured many ships and returned to England one

If you want to be an expert in Pirate fiction/lore, this is a must read since it is credited with being one of the earliest versions of this genre. If you want a thrilling book about pirates, you don't want to read this.

This is an ancient and difficult to read book, not very long and not very exciting, about the supposed activities of a pirate called Captain Avery.

The writing style is very old-fashioned (naturally) and contains a vast overuse of commas in somewhat awkward places. The story consists of two letters w

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