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The King of the Golden River

John Ruskin

Book Overview: 

When three brothers mortally offend Mr. Southwest Wind, Esquire, their farm is laid waste and their riches lost. Desperate for money, the brothers become goldsmiths and melt down their remaining treasures . . . only to find that the spirit of the King of the Golden River resides with a molded tankard, and knows the secret of the riches of the Golden River.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Black Brothers. They asked what they liked, and got it, except from the poor people, who could only beg, and several of whom were starved at their very door, without the slightest regard or notice.

It was drawing towards winter, and very cold weather, when one day the two elder brothers had gone out, with their usual warning to little Gluck, who was left to mind the roast, that he was to let nobody in, and give nothing out. Gluck sat down quite close to the fire, for it was raining very hard, and the kitchen walls were by no means dry or comfortable looking. He turned and turned, and the roast[Pg 13] got nice and brown. "What a pity," thought Gluck, "my brothers never ask any body to dinner. I'm sure, when they've got such a nice piece of mutton as this, and nobody else has got so much as a piece of dry bread, it would do their hearts good to have somebody to eat it with them."

Just as he spoke, there came a double knock at the house door, yet heavy . . . Read More

Community Reviews

Words by John Ruskin + art by Iassen Ghiuselev = treasure. This book is one reason why I collect the printed word and why my shelves strain with the weight of beautiful children's volumes. Ruskin wrote this fairytale/fable for his future wife (she was 12 when he put words to paper) as an example of

Gluck's Ten Life Enriching Lessons for Grownups:

I normally read children's books during Christmastime. Not only to catch up with my Reading Challenge (I am behind by 9 books as of this writing), but also, most of children's books have life lessons that can be good reminders for the coming year. New

Ruskin is much better known for his art criticism and theories of aesthetics, so it is interesting to see him trying to be lighter. However, this Victorian children's book will probably be too wordy and didactic for most contemporary kids.

Finished reading this loud with the boys and I really enjoyed it. The boys gave it two thumbs up and five out of five stars. It was a fun read!

This is a deft little piece which lays out a fairy tale just how I like them: A fully fleshed out narrative (which many traditional fairy tales lack), lots of boldness and surprise, and told with measure and sparkle. It’s quite elemental: fire and earth and water and wind and ice each make important

Please note this is a 3.5.

A cute little faerie tale in the tradition of Grimm and others, it was a lovely little diversion that was rather quick. I could have done with a lot more of these stories, but this was standard fantasy fare and I really enjoyed it as a short faerie story.

Três Irmãos vivem e são donos de um Vale fértil com muitas riquezas onde nunca a fome ou a miséria conseguiu entrar, mesmo que as localidades circunvizinhas estivessem passando por apuros, ali sempre abundava a prosperidade. Mas 2 irmãos são maus e um bom , quem prosperará ?

There are many starting points within the fantasy genre. J. R. R. Tolkien is often, with good reason, regarded as the father of fantasy, despite the fact that there was a vast expanse of stories before his time. Going further back, one can find the early 20th century classics that inspired the maste

*JOHN RUSKIN, 'The King of the Golden River'

This is the only work of fiction that the prolific and multi-talented Ruskin wrote. However, it manages to encapsulate a great many of the ideals that we think of today, when we think of Ruskin. It has the emphasis on 'Christian' mercy and charity, generos

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