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Kilmeny of the Orchard

L. M. Montgomery

Book Overview: 

Eric Marshall is all that a well brought-up young man should be. Handsome, steadfast, and full of ambition, he is expected to expand the Marshall & Company empire — and to marry a woman suitable to replace his mother in Nova Scotia’s finest circles. When a sick friend asks for a favor, becoming a substitute schoolmaster in the Prince Edward Island countryside seems the perfect post-graduation lark. But when Eric wanders into an old orchard at twilight, his life will be changed forever.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Some folks think they made too much of him. It doesn't always do with that kind, for 'what's bred in bone is mighty apt to come out in flesh,' if 'taint kept down pretty well. Neil's smart and a great worker, they tell me. But folks hereabouts don't like him. They say he ain't to be trusted further'n you can see him, if as far. It's certain he's awful hot tempered, and one time when he was going to school he near about killed a boy he'd took a spite to—choked him till he was black in the face and Neil had to be dragged off."

"Well now, father, you know they teased him terrible," protested Mrs. Williamson. "The poor boy had a real hard time when he went to school, Master. The other children were always casting things up to him and calling him names."

"Oh, I daresay they tormented him a lot," admitted her husband. "He's a great hand at the fiddle and likes company. He goes to the harbour a good deal. But they say h. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Everyone I know who liked Anne of Green Gables saw a bit of Anne Shirley in themselves; someone who made mistakes, got laughed at, and worried because they weren't "angelically good, divinely beautiful, or dazzlingly clever." Nope, none of us are.

But you remember that Anne wanted to be all of th...more

~4.5 stars~

It was pretty short and I thought it was cute! Not my favorite L.M. Montgomery book, but it's nice for a light, quick read :) Don't want to say too much about it because then I feel like you won't have much to read about since it's only 134 pages XD I think it would be better to just...more

"More than ever at that instant did she long for speech - speech that would conceal and protect where dangerous silence might betray."
Kilmeny of the Orchard

Kilmeny of the Orchard (1910, Grosset and Dunlap) by L. M. Montgomery, is a sweet romance set in an unspecified year on Prince Edward Isla...more

L. M. Montgomery wrote Kilmeny when she was a teenager, this was her first attempt at writing so it comes off a little more childish than her other books. You can see her romantic soul in everything she writes :)
Also, Valancy in The Blue Castle, Kilmeny... such beautiful names I have in my list...more

I've never particularly liked this story, one of Montgomery's "adult" romances, with an unbelievable array of offensive stereotypes and casual sexism - the hotheaded Italian (the ethnicity you're born with being inescapable despite your upbringing) who is "foreign" and for whom equal treatment is...more

This was a perfect Sunday-afternoon read. I really enjoyed the escapist quality of it...a fairy-tale type romance, with a brave hero and a beautiful heroine. And of course I loved that Kilmeny is such a talented violinist!

This book was really short, and hence, this review will probably be short.

First, L.M. Montgomery was not at her best in this novella. This had none of the almost unconscious charm of the famed Anne of Green Gables or even The Blue Castle (which was slightly shallow, yes, but still charming). Perh...more

This was sweet - a bit cheesy a times and also had a few instances of backward thinking when it comes to "foreigners" and some unrealistic ideas about beauty. All in all though, it was an easy read with a fairy tale quality to it. Although I've only read the first Anne book and enjoyed it much mo...more

This little book is so unassuming, sitting on my shelf, with its battered corners. It is so very well-loved. As an adult, I realize all its faults, and I don't recognize it as one of Montgomery's best--but that's part of why I like it. I bought it when I was probably eleven or so and put it away...more

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