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A Kidnapped Santa Claus

L. Frank Baum

Book Overview: 

A Kidnapped Santa Claus is a Christmas-themed short story written by L. Frank Baum, it has been called "one of Baum's most beautiful stories" and constitutes an influential contribution to the mythology of Christmas.

The story opens with a quick overview of Santa's castle in the Laughing Valley. Its focus soon switches to the five Caves of the Daemons in nearby mountains. These creatures are pagan daemons rather than Christian demons, in that they are not servants of Satan or necessarily evil. Four of the five, the Daemons of Selfishness, Envy, Hatred, and Malice, certainly are bad, but the fifth, the Daemon of Repentance, is a more ambiguous figure.

The Daemons of the Caves resent Santa Claus because children under the influence of his gifts rarely visit their caves. They decide to frustrate his efforts and counter his influence. The Daemons first try to tempt Santa Claus to their own vices; they visit him one by one, and attempt to lure him into selfishness, envy, and hatred. Santa Claus merely laughs at their clumsy efforts. Failing at temptation, the Daemons instead kidnap Santa Claus; they lasso him as he is riding in his sleigh on Christmas Eve, and bind him in their caverns.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Christmas gifts to all the children that they become happy and generous, through his example, and keep away from my cave."

"I'm having the same trouble," rejoined the Daemon of Envy. "The little ones seem quite content with Santa Claus, and there are few, indeed, that I can coax to become envious."

"And that makes it bad for me!" declared the Daemon of Hatred. "For if no children pass through the Caves of Selfishness and Envy, none can get to MY cavern."

"Or to mine," added the Daemon of Malice.

"For my part," said the Daemon of Repentance, "it is easily seen that if children do not visit your caves they have no need to visit mine; so that I am quite as neglected as you are."

"And all because of this person they call Santa Claus!" exclaimed the Daemon of Envy. "He is simply ruining our business, and something must be done at once."

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Community Reviews

Excellent graphic adaptation of a little-known short story by L. Frank Baum. Alex Robinson expands on the story considerably, fleshing out some characters, adding others, and updating the whole thing in a way that brings it into the 21st century while still remaining true to the spirit and joy of th

The publisher HarperCollins has created a new imprint called It Books to capture the popular culture audience, so it is no surprise they would release three graphic novel representations of three Christmas stories

While their publicity claims these are Christmas classics, few will be familiar with L

It was a cute story, but my least favorite out of his other books that I've read. I think that the Daemons should have been mentioned in the first book for there to be a smooth transition into a sequel, and in the first book Claus a greed to always have the reindeer returned before morning on Christ

When the Big Man is kidnapped by cave daemons, it's up to a fairy, a pixie, and a sort of goat-like thing to save Christmas.

This b&w graphic novel, based on a story by L. Frank Baum, offers the same off-kilter charm of "A Nightmare Before Christmas," and would be great for older children and any adu

Very charmed by L. Frank Baum’s Christmas stories

This is a pleasure to read but nothing beyond that. It's definitely a good idea for a book and seemingly well adapted. There's a lot of the nerdy type of funny but the action is dull. Santa is a well-rounded character who really shines in terms of writing but the rest are flat position players.


Santa is hated because he is such a NICE GUY. Hes always happy and he laughs a lot.........Maybe thats why i have no FRIENDS>>>

+++++Selfishness, Envy, Hatred, Malice, and Repentance are the Demons who hold this hatred for Santa, and instead of simply wishing that he would Fall out of his sleigh and

A lost classic from Oz creator L. Frank Baum.

A trio of demons are not happy with Santa. By giving kiddies gifts every year, there's less and less reasons for the little tykes to follow the ways of anger, selfishness and envy. So, the demons decide to ruin Christmas in hopes of keeping Jolly Ol' St.

Omg love it Santa is my baby and this story is about me kidnaping him

A cute, quick read. The story teaches a lesson with strong characters leading the way.

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