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Kabumpo in Oz

Ruth Plumly Thompson

Book Overview: 

Dear children: Do you like Elephants? Do you believe in Giants? And do you love all the jolly people of the Wonderful Land of Oz? Well then you'll want to hear about the latest happenings in that delightful Kingdom. All are set forth in true Oz fashion in "Kabumpo in Oz," the sixteenth Oz book. Kabumpo is an Elegant Elephant. He is very old and wise, and has a kindly heart, as have all the Oz folks. In the new book you'll meet Prince Pompa, and Peg Amy, a charming Wooden Doll. There are new countries, strange adventures and the most surprising Box of Magic you have ever heard of. Ruggedo , the wicked old Gnome King, does a lot of mischief with this before Princess Ozma can stop him. Of course Dorothy, the Scarecrow, Scraps, Glinda the Good, Tik-Tok, and other old friends all are alive and busy in the new book. I am just back from the Emerald City with the best of Oz wishes for everybody, but especially you.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .What are you all dressed up for?”


“For my disappearance,” said Kabumpo, sweeping the door knob and mirror into his pocket. “I’m getting ready to disappear. How do I look?”

Before the Prime Pumper had time to answer, the Elegant Elephant was gone.

Back in his own room, Kabumpo paced impatiently up and down, waiting for night. “I do not see how she could refuse us,” he mumbled every now and then to himself.


That was an anxious afternoon and evening in the palace of Pumperdink. Every few minutes the Courtiers felt themselves nervously to see if they were still there. The servants went about on tip-toe, looking fearfully over their shoulders for the first signs of disappearance. As it grew darker the gates and windows were securely barred and not a candle was lighted. “The less the castle shows, the less likely it is to disappear,” reasoned the King.

The darkness. . . Read More

Community Reviews

this one is really nostalgic. i read it many times as a kid. the elegant elephant, peg amy the wooden doll, the beautiful sun mountain, the scary yet whimsical candle caves, the cantakerous runaway country, and above all the sea of soup. something about the sea of soup really appealed to me as a kid

So this is the first Oz book RPT wrote completely on her own. Is it any good?

I'll go so far as to say that it's better than some of Baum's, during his slump in the middle books.

Prince Pompadore of Pumpernick is having his 18th birthday celebration (not his only one; in Oz people don't age like they

This was such a delightful entry in the Oz series!! As usual, new characters are introduced in the book: of course, we have the Elegant Elephant, Kabumpo. We are also introduced to Peg Amy, and Wag the Rabbit, among others. Dorothy, Ozma, Glinda, as well as other past characters from previous books

The prince of Pumperdink is celebrating his 18th birthday again when the cake explodes and a cryptic scroll appears directing him to marry or his kingdom will disappear. He sets off with his friend, Kabumpo the elephant, to find the proper princess. Meanwhile, Ruggedo is up to his old antics, turnin

Miss Thompson did an amazing thing in the Royal Book of Oz. She took a known and beloved world and character list and transposed it into something new and strange and interesting. In this book she looses that momentum, by sliding back into old tropes. In Fact she only has one new and exciting portio

Okay, Thompson redeemed herself with this book. No more racism or weird, unfinished plot lines - this is a solid entry into the Oz canon. It does not 'feel' as if it were written by Baum, which is the only downfall of the novel.
Thompson has created several memorable characters and 'areas' of Oz tha

I definitely found this more enjoyable than Royal Book of Oz.

The new characters like Kabumpo (the original sassy gay friend) and Wag and pre-transformation Peg Amy were all really delightful. I also loved the Cottabus, and wish he’d returned.

The story moved swiftly, had life not been hectic, I wou

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