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Algernon Blackwood

Book Overview: 

A supernatural fantasy about the mystical adventures of a lonely English boy named Jimbo–who can fly! It’s really quite beautiful and can be enjoyed by adults and teenagers alike.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .horses began to stamp in the barns not far away, and a hundred little stirrings of life ran over the surface of the earth as the light crept slowly up the sky and dropped down again upon the world with its message of coming day.

Of course, help would come by the time the sun was really up, and it was partly this certainty, and partly because he was a little too dazed to realise the seriousness of the situation, that prevented his giving way to a fit of fear and weeping. Yet a feeling of vague terror lay only a little way below the surface, and when, a few moments later, he saw that he was no longer alone, and that an odd-looking figure was creeping towards him from the shrubberies, he sprang to his feet, prepared to run unless it at once showed the most friendly intentions.


This figure seemed to have come from nowhere. Apparently it had risen out of the earth. It was too large to have been concealed by the low shrubberies; yet he had . . . Read More

Community Reviews

3 1/2 stars. Too long but beautiully written. I think I prefer Blackwood's short stories or novellas. I could have cut half of this out. The ending was visible a mile away yet still too abrupt. But the imagery is what kept me reading. He writes about nature unlike anyone else I've read. I think this

I found this story odd, eerie, disturbing and fantastical. It would give a young kid nightmares. I really enjoyed the role of the governess and the sacrifice she makes to save the boy. I am kind of surprised the story is not more famous.

So many similarities to the plot of the movie Insidious. The lost little boy in the world of spectral bodies, the old scary house as a central location for his entrapment. The dark, evil male presence residing over the house, attempting to hinder his escape (in this case, directly identified as Fear

I value Algernon Blackwood stories - he has written some of the scariest, creepiest, deeply disturbing horror stories I have ever read. This, alas, was not one of them.

Instead, it was something different. It was well done, in that it allowed my imagination to run along with Jimbo, making me ALMOST

could use some editing.

Gorgeously written tale of a child’s initiation into next stage of life, of self-sacrificing love, of facing the guardian of the threshold and escaping the prison of one’s own making. It is more than a little reminiscent of George MacDonald latter, more esoteric novels though I’d say that it is defi

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‘Jimbo: A Fantasy’ by Algernon Blackwood
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/5
Finished on April 10, 2018
$1.99 on Kindle | $5.90 in Paperback | $24.95 in Hardcover

Eight-year-old James Stone, nicknamed Jimbo’, is an extremely imaginative child. So much s

This was my first shot at Algernon Blackwood, and I wasn't disappointed. A novella-sized story about a boy's out-of-body experience, it was filled with wonder and fright and hope. I think the low reviews it is getting here are people who don't want to swallow what they're reading, or more plainly wa

There exists a class of art for which any form of rating is a poor reflection of its actual worth, and for which one's ultimate opinion often entirely depends on the precise nature of what one seeks from it. Some works are in this class because they are so novel in execution, expression, or theme th

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