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Jill the Reckless

P. G. Wodehouse

Book Overview: 

Jill had money, Jill was engaged to be married to Sir Derek Underhill. Suddenly Jill becomes penniless, and she is no longer engaged. With a smile, in which there is just a tinge of recklessness, she refuses to be beaten and turns to face the world. Instead she goes to New York and becomes a member of the chorus of "The Rose of America," and Mr. Wodehouse is enabled to lift the curtain of the musical comedy world.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Not to say perturbed and chagrined? I seemed to notice it at dinner."

"She was furious, of course. She did not refer to the matter when we were alone together, but there was no need to. I knew what she was thinking."

Derek threw away his cigar. Freddie noted this evidence of an overwrought soul with concern.

"The whole thing," he conceded, "was a bit unfortunate."

Derek began to pace the room.


"On the spot, old man."

"Something's got to be done."

"Absolutely!" Freddie nodded solemnly. He had taken this matter greatly to heart. Derek was his best friend, and[68] he had always been extremely fond of Jill. It hurt him to see things going wrong. "I'll tell you what, old bean. Let me handle this binge for you."


"Me! The Final Rooke!" He jumped up, and leaned against the mantelpiece. "I'm the lad to do it. I've known Jill for years. She'll listen to me. I'll talk to . . . Read More

Community Reviews

P. G. Wodehouse is known of course for his witty satires of British upper-class life in the first decades of the twentieth century, his impeccable butlers who run rings around their twittish employers; his daft, inarticulate young men who nevertheless possess good instincts; his pompous dowagers and

Fun, fun, fun. Read again aloud with Nancy in March 2018.

This is a departure from the usual Wodehouse novel, in the sense that it is not rip-roaring situational comedy, but a poignant tale comprising love, heartbreak, despair and heroism in equal measure. Had it been told by one of those Russian novelists that Plum is fond of lampooning, it would have bee

I've read a lot of Wodehouse, and I think this gem from 1920 is one of his best in the transatlantic-romantic-comedy genre, in which characters move between New York and London and across social classes, and conflicts of economic survival are overshadowed by the struggle of true love to conquer all.

If anyone needs proof that Wodehouse is a feminist, this is the book they should read. This isn't radical, firebrand feminism, but the sensible, practical one. Not only the female characters but the key male characters in this are also feminists. (Please note that I use feminism in its best, most ac

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