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Selma Lagerlöf

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .had come in confident and happy, and now all at once his spirit was gone, and he looked as if he were entirely done for.

The schoolmaster understood quite well why the pastor was so distressed. He and every one else knew that at one time the clergyman had been a man of rare promise; but in his student days he had "gone the pace," so to speak, and, in consequence, had suffered a stroke. After that he was never the same. Sometimes he seemed to forget that he was only the ruin of a man; but when reminded of it, a sense of deep despondency came over him. Now he sat there as if paralyzed. It was a long time before any one ventured to speak.

"You mustn't take it like that, Parson," the schoolmaster said at last, trying to make his voice very soft and low.

"Hush, Storm! I know that I'm not a great preacher; still I couldn't have believed it possible that you would wish to take the living from me."

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Community Reviews

On the same day that he arrives in the holy land after never before even setting foot outside his own village, a middle-aged pilgrim comes down with a fever that proves to be fatal. Dying, he asks his companions to carry him into Jerusalem so he can at least see God's city first-hand. As they carry

Moving, perceptive book about religious mania, full of both intellectual and emotional intelligence. The author, who was herself deeply religious, does an excellent job of telling the story without judging the main characters.

Extremely relevant to the world today - it's a shame this book isn't bett

I find the book a little bit to lengthy. Really long bits that is just descriptive and adds nothing to the story, but gives flesh to the characters. I've mixed feelings about it. The language is beautiful, the narration and descriptions lovely, so I hated it, even if I loved it.

Well build characters

Tyckte mycket om den här boken och är glad att jag äntligen börjat läsa Lagerlöf. Har dragit mig för att läsa Jerusalem eftersom jag tänkt att den skulle vara tung och ointressant? Glad att bli överbevisad. Tycker Lagerlöf skriver fram personer och natur så fint och uppskattar blandningen av det and

‘Jerusalem’ was my first book authored by Selma Lagerlof, an authoress I am certain I would have never read and a chance encounter made this possible. With a splendid description and an equally splendid narration, Selma Lagerlof left me both amazed and shocked with ‘Jerusalem’.

‘Jerusalem’ narrates

Un mondo altrove
"Finché il tuo cuore sarà legato alle cose terrene, rimarrà legato al dolore" .

La grande scrittrice svedese Selma Lagerlof (Premio Nobel 1909) scrisse questo libro dopo un viaggio in Palestina, compiuto nel 1899 per visitare una comunità religiosa d'impronta americana che si era là

Andra läsningen, och åh, så fantastisk den är även den här gången. Jag känner till berättelsen från första läsningen och från de tillfällen när jag sett filmen (även om filmen tar sig en del friheter med handlingen) men blir ändå som uppslukad. Det är något med Selma Lagerlöfs sätt att berätta den h

En klassiker skriven av en av sveriges mest kända författarinnor. Boken handlar om en grupp bönder i Dalarna som beslutar sig för att åka på välfärd till Jerusalem där de stöter på problem som endast Herren själv kan hjälpa dem med. Boken speglar ett samhälle för lite mer än 100 år sen men som man ä

Selma Lagerlöf was the first woman to win the Nobel Prize in literature. " The Wonderful Adventures of Nils" was a much beloved story when I was little and I even returned to it as an adult. Despite this, and despite having read and liked other works by the same author, I was surprised at how modern

Stark berättelse om tro, hopp och kärlek, som berör än idag, över 100 år efter den först kom ut. Trots att människorna lever på helt annat sätt än vi gör idag brottas de med högst mänskliga teman och Selma Lagerlöf ger liv åt dessa karaktärer som gör att jag rycks med och bryr mig om deras dramatisk

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