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The Italian

Myrtle Reed

Book Overview: 

The love story between a nobleman and a beautiful lady whom he meets in church leads both of them to unexpected places, as many people would not put up with their love. This novel is considered to be one of the best Gothic novels ever written, by one of the first (and best) writers of the genre. How does an "indecent" love story become a Gothic tale? What is the outcome of this love story? If you want to know, read this book.

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Community Reviews

Repulsed and inspired by Matthew Gregory Lewis’s graphic gothic novel, The Monk, Anne Radcliffe’s The Italian is a complexly plotted Romance (the term was derogatory then, although what they meant by a Romance then is not what we would derogatorily dismiss as a Romance now) about two chaste and naïv

This is the first time I've read a book that had me force myself through the first half, to then discover something of the most wonderful literature I can remember.

Therefore, it's very hard to grade The Italian. It's a slow, difficult read as much as a wonderful, subtle, psychological piece of work.

Θα μπορούσα να γκρινιάζω ασταμάτητα για την πλοκή κι αυτούς τους συγκλονιστικούς έρωτες που ξεκινάνε επειδή σήκωσε ο αέρας το πέπλο και είδε ο νεαρός το μισό υπέροχο πρόσωπό της, 300 σελίδες μετά μπορεί να πεθάνει γι' αυτή κι ας μην της έχει πιάσει καν το χέρι, αλλά λογοτεχνία του 1700 ήθελα, καλά ν

Αυτό εδώ από ότι μαθαίνω είναι το δεύτερο πιο γνωστό έργο της Ann Radcliffe αμέσως μετά τοThe Mysteries of Udolpho. Εξαιρετικό το βρήκα και αυτό και ιδιαίτερα συναρπαστικό αν και σίγουρα δεν φτάνει στο επίπεδο ενθουσιασμού που με έφτασε το The Mysteries of Udolpho. Στο γνωστό στυλ της συγγραφέως είν

Conventional wisdom declares that Radcliffe was both dismayed and inspired by Lewis's The Monk into making The Italian her finest book. I disagree.

The Italian is certainly her best constructed and most tightly plotted novel and the concentrated Italianate atmosphere is extremely effective, particul

I was first introduced to Ann Radcliffe by Jane Austen, herself which some of her stories were mentioned in her Jane's novels. I have read almost all of her novels and the first time I read "The Italian" was about 5 years ago and loved it. While I was reading Charlotte Bronte's Shirley last year, Ca

Επιτέλους τελος. Αυτο το βιβλιο το είχα
αρχίσει πάνω απο δέκα χρονια πριν , αλλα το είχα εγκαταληψει . Πίστευα πως δεν θα το τελείωνα ποτε τον ποτών . Κι ομως . Τα ξαναπιασα και το τελείωσα αυτη τη φορα . Η Ρατκλφ-οπως και αρκετοί συγγραφείς του 18ου αιώνα -εχει ενα σοβαρό θεμα περνάνε απίστευτες σ


"Volvía la mirada hacía el pasado y esperaba el futuro con una especie de desalentada desesperación"

Ann Radcliffe
ostenta el título de ser la
“Madre de la Literatura Gótica”
, y no de forma inmerecida. Todo comienza cuando la joven Radcliffe, un año después de contraer matrimonio, e

I had read The Mysteries of Udolpho earlier in the year and was interested enough in Radcliffe to want to read more of her work. My copy of The Italian had an introduction which I wish I had been able to read before starting on Udolpho, as it explains a lot about the Radcliffe style. Here is a short

There’s a recurring joke in The Italian where one character tries to convey a story to another character, making it much longer than it needs to be. The story often contains some very important information, such as someone’s death. The second character will frequently interrupt them, saying ‘just ge

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