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Isobel : a Romance of the Northern Trail

James Oliver Curwood

Book Overview: 

Action, intrigue, and a touch of romance in the farthest reaches of northern Canada. Sergeant Billy MacVeigh of the Canadian Northwest Mounted, with his only partner Pelliter are the only official representatives in the lonely and desolate reaches of Point Fullerton, hundreds of miles from the next nearest outpost, and from any civilization. Both are nearing the end of their service in those regions, and their main function has been to try to find the elusive murderer Scottie Deane, and if they happen upon anybody trading in Eskimo women to haul them in also.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Hunted like a rat, chased from place to place, he must be more than those things for a woman like Isobel Deane still to cling to. He recalled the gentleness of her voice, the sweetness of her face, the tenderness of her blue eyes, and for the first time the thought came to him that such a woman could not love a man who was wholly bad. And she did love him. A twinge of pain came with that truth, and yet with it a thrill of pleasure. Her loyalty was a triumph— even for him. She had come to him like an angel out of the storm, and she had gone from him like an angel. He was glad. A living, breathing reality had taken the place of the dream vision in his heart, a woman who was flesh and blood, and who was as true and as beautiful as the blue flower he had carried against his breast. In that moment he would have liked to grip Scottie Deane by the hand, because he was her husband and because he was man enough to make her love him. Perhaps it was Deane who had hu. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Edge of your seat reading. Learn about the old far north. Thrilling.

Apr 8, 8pm ~~ Review asap. Afraid this is a DNF for me, after 6 of 23 chapters.

Apr 9, 830pm ~~ Isobel is the next (and the last) title on my James Oliver Curwood challenge list. Next because I was reading in publication order, and last because I could not finish this book and have given up on friend

Finished in one day. Very very good!!! I am impressed! Excellent.

Sentimental and rather melodramatic, as many of these old stories are, the strenght of this book is the setting. The MC is a Mountie stationed in the most northern, remote point possible. Part of his job is tracking a murderer, and when he finds that man he also finds complications that chase him fo

Bumped up to five stars for emotional enjoyment.

It’s a raw, blustery outdoors story with a lot of snow and Canadian tundra. There are plenty of sad moments and poignant ones as Billy pursues his man and finds himself surprised. The antagonists and friends he meets along the way keep the story moving

Not a book I would normally read...but a story that I have come to love. When the word "romance" is included in the title, I tend to shy away. However, this was a wonderfully clean story about a man's love for a woman and the desperate lengths he went to in order to to show that love. Conflict aboun

A true love story

Adventure, love gained, love lost, tragedy, suspense, happy ending. Death and murder without the gruesome details. Pure love without the lust. A book for those who appreciate old style literature. It is not for those who are looking to be titillated by blood and sex scenes.