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Introduction to the Philosophy of History

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Book Overview: 

The introduction to Hegel's lectures on the philosophy of world history is often used to introduce students to Hegel's philosophy, in part because Hegel's sometimes difficult style is muted in the lectures, and he discourses on accessible themes such as world events in order to explain his philosophy. Much of the work is spent defining and characterizing Geist or spirit. Geist is similar to the culture of people, and is constantly reworking itself to keep up with the changes of society, while at the same time working to produce those changes through what Hegel called the "cunning of reason". Another important theme of the text is the focus on world history, rather than regional or state history.

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Community Reviews

The best thing I have to say about this work is that the Libravox audio version is a very relaxing read. This was my bedtime story for several months, because the narration mixed with the simultaneously dry and obscure subject matter never failed to put me to sleep within 30 minutes (which is fast f

This work is a pseudophilosophical theological enterprise. The aim of pure old philosophy is to dispel, not to entangle in circuitous neologisms and dogmatic assertions. Theodicy is the business of the church. Hegel employs bad writing and labyrinthine grammar to sometimes say interesting things whi

So glad I didn't have to try to work my way through the entirety of this! Germans tend to be super dense and convoluted from this time...translations don't help. Hegel's dialectical understanding of history, emphasizing the world-history figure, divinity, and the political, was extremely influential

Este foi o meu primeiro contato com Hegel, escrito por ele mesmo, e a reputação de sua escrita ser difícil se confirmou para mim. Este texto seria teoricamente mais fácil, uma vez que se refere à introduções ao seu curso de história da filosofia. De fato, alguns trechos o são, e pode-se aprender a

Hegel is heavy, especially with +40c nevertheless this is more like an introduction to his way of thinking by establishing a baseline, ie how history is documented. The classic reference to Greek wisdom and Zeus as it is a fact that 1 in 3 books that I read contain at least one reference to Greece.

Who said Hegel was difficult?

Well, me, actually. And I stand by it. I think Hegel is the hardest philosopher that I've ever read.

However, this was a lot easier than I expected. I've read a lot more secondary sources on Hegel since I last attempted reading one of his books, and they've made it a lot

Hegel’s idea of an eternal Spirit that manifests itself through world history is fascinating. It’s as if he took history and turned it into a science which in turn is the ultimate tool for understanding human society and evolution. Would’ve given it five stars if it weren’t so difficult to read. Per

booooooo the posited existence of the objective will is diametrically opposed to the healthy expression of the subjective will booooooo

This is a very difficult text, but if you are curious enough about Hegel's Philosophy of History to be reading this review, you are likely prepared for the intellectual rigours that absorbing and understanding Hegel will involve. Give yourself the time to digest it slowly; one wants to linger over t

As estrelas vão principalmente pelo livro ter sido realmente uma introdução, explicando de forma pormenorizada como é a metodologia de Hegel. Muitas coisas ficaram obscuras, mas mais por questões de concordar ou não com aquela lógica do que por não ter entendido.

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