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The Innocence of Father Brown

G. K. Chesterton

Book Overview: 

The Innocence of Father Brown is the first of five collections of mystery stories by G. K. Chesterton starring an unimposing but surprisingly capable Roman Catholic priest. Father Brown’s ability to uncover the truth behind the mystery continually surpasses that of the “experts” around him, who are fooled into underestimation by the priest’s unimpressive outward appearance and, often, by their own prejudices about Christianity. Combining captivating stories and insightful commentary, The Innocence of Father Brown is a delightful read.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Father Brown, I fear you will never hear the story at all unless you hear it from me.

The Vernon Hotel at which The Twelve True Fishermen held their annual dinners was an institution such as can only exist in an oligarchical society which has almost gone mad on good manners. It was that topsy-turvy product—an "exclusive" commercial enterprise. That is, it was a thing which paid not by attracting people, but actually by turning people away. In the heart of a plutocracy tradesmen become cunning enough to be more fastidious than their customers. They positively create difficulties so that their wealthy and weary clients may spend money and diplomacy in overcoming them. If there were a fashionable hotel in London which no man could enter who was under six foot, society would meekly make up parties of six-foot men to dine in it. If there were an expensive restaurant which by a mere caprice of its proprietor was only open on Thursday afternoon, it would be crow. . . Read More

Community Reviews

The Innocence of Father Brown (Father Brown #1), G.K. Chesterton
Father Brown is a fictional Roman Catholic priest and amateur detective who is featured in 53 short stories published between 1910 and 1936 written by English novelist G. K. Chesterton. Father Brown solves mysteries and crimes using his

Gilbert Keith Chesterton (1874-1936) is an English writer, polemicist, who ventured into different literary genres, poems, books (nearly 80!), Theater etc. Today we will focus on the character of the priest detective he created in 1910, Father Brown.
Chesterton's hero may be - more or less - in Sherl

This first collection of stories of Father Brown was a disappointment. Being my first exposure to Chesterton, I didn't know what to expect. But, given the popularity of clergyman/detective Father Brown, I certainly expected a better outcome. There, I was disappointed. In my opinion, these first twel

Oh, Gilbert Keith, I adore you and you are wonderful.

I read this collection of short stories in between deadlines, a story or two at a time first thing in the morning to help myself wake up. As far as I am concerned, a Father Brown short story is a perfect amuse bouche for the mental faculties. I gu

These twelve tales of murder and theft, written in 1910 and 1911, introduce G.K. Chesterton's Father Brown, a short, humble, unprepossessing Catholic priest and amateur detective, whose method is informed by what he has learned about criminal motives and means during many years in the confessional.


My dad is currently watching the BBC series of Father Brown and after jokingly telling him how terrible the show seemed (which it really didn't at all) I decided to pick up Chesterton's first Father Brown collection to see how the stories compare to the show and because I love to sink my teeth into

Originally published in 1911 these ten Father Brown Stories are perfect examples of short stories. They all pose a mystery, a crime or a murder which is solved by Father Brown's deductions and observations in under 20 pages. Unlike the Sherlock Holmes stories, written at around the same time, they r

Το πρώτο ίσως βιβλίο του G. K. Chesterton που δεν μου ταίριαξε. Όσο ευφυείς κι αν είναι στη σύλληψή τους οι μικρές ιστορίες που σκάρωσε προκειμένου να επιβεβαιωθούν οι ικανότητες του πατέρα Μπράουν στη διαλεύκανση κάθε λογής εγκλημάτων, στο τέλος της μέρας ένιωθες να διαβάζεις το ίδιο ακριβώς πράγμα

ইংরেজী সাহিত্য পৃথিবীকে অসামান্য কিছু গোয়েন্দা চরিত্র উপহার দিয়েছে। সেই ১৭৫ বছর আগে এডগার অ্যালান পো’র হাত ধরে এলো প্রথম আধুনিক গোয়েন্দা চরিত্র সি অগাস্তে দুপ্যাঁ (দি মার্ডারস ইন দ্যা রু মর্গ), যিনি যুক্তিবিদ্যার প্রয়োগে একের পর এক সূত্র সাজিয়ে রীতিমতো বৈজ্ঞানিক উপায়ে রহস্যের সমাধান করেন। এরও

Chesterton was a contemporary of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; and though he created his principal fictional sleuth, Father Brown, after Doyle had written the bulk of the Holmes canon, he can also claim a formative role (though not nearly so important as Doyle's) in the shaping of the genre. Father Brown

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