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The Inferno

Henri Barbusse

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .the evening, it had given them profound pleasure to disobey their parents and go out of the garden although they had been forbidden to leave it.

"Grandmother came to the top of the steps and called to us to come in."

"But we were gone. We had slipped through the hole in the hedge where a bird always sang. There was no wind, and scarcely any light. Even the trees didn't stir. The dust on the ground was dead. The shadows stole round us so softly that we almost spoke to them. We were frightened to see night coming on. Everything had lost its colour. But the night was clear, and the flowers, the road, even the wheat were silver. And it was then that my mouth came closest to your mouth."

"The night," she said, her soul carried aloft on a wave of beauty, "the night caresses the caresses."

"I took your hand, and I knew that you would live life whole. When I used to say 'Hélène,' I did no. . . Read More

Community Reviews

The concept is frankly creepy – a morose but truly arrogant (“if everybody was like me, all would be well with the world”) 30 year old guy is living in a hotel in Paris and notices there’s a hole in the wall at the top :

A rotten plank, a couple of bricks out of place, some plaster has come away

So he

قال سارتر الجحيم هو الآخرون‏
ويقول باريوس الجحيم هو الخوف ‏

أول مرة قرأت عن هذه الرواية القديمة كنت في السادسة أو السابعة ‏عشر من عمري تقريبا
وككل الأعمال التي كنت أتعرف على اسمائها في ذلك الوقت
كان مصدرها أنيس منصور
صديق مراهقتي الصدوق

وقتها لم أكن أعلم أين يمكنني وضع يدي عليها
لم يكن لدينا مكتبات بالمعنى

تُرى هل كان بطل الرواية يتلصص لوحده؟ أم الكاتب جعل القارئ يتلصص معه أيضًا! رواية جميلة.


كيف يمكن للإنسان ألّا يستطيع قول ما رآه؟ كيف يمكن للحقيقة أن تهرب من أمامنا وكأنَّها ليست بحقيقة؟ أو لا نستطيع أن نكون صادقين، رغم صدقنا؟

“ماذا تهمّني النشوة السريعة الفظّة، المهزلة الجنسيّة! إنَّ لي كوّة أ

Λοιπόν τα πράγματα είναι πολύ απλά και δεν χρειάζεται να τα περιπλέκουμε χωρίς λόγο. Άκουσα για το συγκεκριμένο βιβλίο πριν κάμποσο καιρό από μία συμπαθέστατη vlogger (για την οποία δεν ξέρω γιατί όλοι όσοι την αναφέρουν, έχουν μία τάση να μιλούν κάπως υποτιμητικά. Για να το άκουσες από εκεί το βιβλ

Το βιβλίο αυτό είναι ένα μικρό αριστοτεχνικό έργο μυθοπλασίας.
Ένα λογοτεχνικό διαμαντάκι. Ένα αριστούργημα παγκόσμιας και διαχρονικής εμβέλειας.
Βαθύτατα φιλοσοφικό, εφευρετικό, προφητικό, καινοτόμο, απόλυτα και προκλητικά υπαρξιακό.

Η ιδέα του θανάτου πρωταγωνιστεί,
το σκοτάδι της ζωής και της ψυχ

He is an ordinary human being amongst other ordinary human beings…
And I? I am a man like every other man, just as that evening was like every other evening.
But he is a witness to the world. And the novel is an allegory of Genesis, a profound parable of awakening.
Two innocent adolescents meet in a r

The Inferno (alternate title - Hell) by Henri Barbusse makes for one strange reading experience. We have our first-person narrator, a thirty-year-old gent who takes up residence in a Paris rooming house only to discover a crack in the wall where he can remain undetected as he observes the happenings

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