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Indiscretions of Archie

P. G. Wodehouse

Book Overview: 

It wasn’t Archie’s fault really. It’s true he went to America and fell in love with Lucille, the daughter of a millionaire hotel proprietor and if he did marry her–well, what else was there to do?

From his point of view, the whole thing was a thoroughly good egg; but Mr. Brewster, his father-in-law, thought differently, Archie had neither money nor occupation, which was distasteful in the eyes of the industrious Mr. Brewster; but the real bar was the fact that he had once adversely criticized one of his hotels.

Archie does his best to heal the breach; but, being something of an ass, genus priceless, he finds it almost beyond his powers to placate “the man-eating fish” whom Providence has given him as a father-in-law.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .walk and spoke in the tone which she seldom permitted herself to use before the curtain of act two, unless there was a whale of a situation that called for it in act one.


It was the way she said it.

Archie staggered backwards as though he had been hit between the eyes, fell through the open door of his room, kicked it to with a flying foot, and collapsed on the bed. Peter, the snake, who had fallen on the floor with a squashy sound, looked surprised and pained for a moment; then, being a philosopher at heart, cheered up and began hunting for flies under the bureau.


Peril sharpens the intellect. Archie's mind as a rule worked in rather a languid and restful sort of way, but now it got going with a rush and a whir. He glared round the room. He had never seen a room so devoid of satisfactory cover. And then there came to him a scheme, a r. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Every genre of fiction has it's great forebear. Epic fantasy has Tolkien, heroic fantasy has Robert E. Howard, science fiction has H. G. Wells, for plays there is Shakespeare. For situational comedy, there is P. G. Wodehouse. Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchet, both admittedly, owe their success to...more

Positively delightful! I was hooked on this very amusing spoof of a struggle for acceptance. Archie, a well educated but rather feather-brain Englishman, comes to New York to seek his fortune (as, after looking he failed to find it in England). He marries a New York socialite, Lucille Brewster an...more

This is my favorite non-Jeeves Wodehouse book. It is literary champagne like all Wodehouse books, but it's happier than most (which is really saying something).

The story deals with Archie, a young man who finds out after a hasty wedding to a beautiful girl that his new bride comes complete with a...more

ENGLISH: A typical Wodehouse collection of sketches about an English protagonist who marries in the US with an American girl, and manages to get into all kinds of troubles, many of them with his father-in-law, whose belief that Archie does not deserve his daughter is his only point of agreement w...more

A bit of silliness and froth. Episodic. Not as good as his best, but a pleasant way to pass the time

[1921] Classic P.G. Wodehouse. Kept wanting to call it the Misadventures of Archie, which would have been a more apt, but also a more predictable title, I guess. Really funny, endearing characters, fun, light read. Was adapted from a series of short stories for magazine publications and you could...more

Finished 2 Jan 2012.
This is a perfect book for reading one chapter at a time, perhaps before bedtime. It was originally bunches of short stories that were combined into a book.

Archie seems to get out of scraps and make everyone like him...everyone but his dear old fatherinlaw. And all his attem...more

Well done old boy, simply marvellous.

3 stars. Archie isn't as fun as Bertie but in the same vein. Instead of Jeeves, Archie has his wife Lucille to look out for him. Fun fast read but if you haven't read any Wodehouse before, I'd suggest starting with either a Jeeves book (I particularly like "The Code of the Woosters") or a Blandin...more

At first this one seemed slightly tedious and indeed it is fairly episodic. But in the end I really warmed up to Archie Moffam (pronounced "moom") & co. The ending is cliche but so unexpected that it's a charming way to wrap up the story.

It wasn't until this novel that I realized part of why...more

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