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The Idea of a University Defined and Illustrated:

John Henry Newman

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .And lastly, I have urged that, supposing Theology be not taught, its province will not simply be neglected, but will be actually usurped by other sciences, which will teach, without warrant, conclusions of their own in a subject-matter which needs its own proper principles for its due formation and disposition.

Abstract statements are always unsatisfactory; these, as I have already observed, could be illustrated at far greater length than the time allotted to me for the purpose has allowed. Let me hope that I have said enough upon the subject to suggest thoughts, which those who take an interest in it may pursue for themselves.

[pg 099] Discourse V. Knowledge Its Own End.

A University may be considered with reference either to its Students or to its Studies; and the principle, that all Knowledge is a whole and the separate Sciences parts of one, which I have hitherto been using in behalf of its studies, is equally importa. . . Read More

Community Reviews

The Idea of the University is one of those books that many will know about, but few will have read. The version I recently finished is 428 pages and most of it is dense. Two of Newman’s 20th century admirers were James Joyce and Edward Said. I’m not sure many authors could command the respect of...more

Excellent presentation of a carefully thought-out philosophy of education.

Only read Part 1- University Teaching

I have thoroughly enjoyed this read. Newman has defined liberal education and has argued well why Theology is necessary in that education. God, Nature and Man are the subjects of human reason, and each one takes a step
into its own philosophy....more

There's a lot to still like here, but one has to get by a lot of Catholic triumphalism and plain old English snobbery in defense of empire and the West and, well, all the stuff that gets people wrinkled about dead white men generally. Prepared a set of lectures in defense of the quixotic project...more

This is perhaps the classic work on the question of "what is a university for?" The book consists of two sections. The first is a series of nine "discourses" on University Teaching given on the inauguration of the Catholic University of Ireland, of which he was its first Rector. The second part is a...more

All the while I was listening to, reading along with, and contemplating Newman’s The Idea of a University I’ve been fighting this overwhelming sense of inadequacy. I can’t remember when I’ve encountered an author who’s challenged me so. While an excellent discipline and one to which I do not see myself equ...more

I found this book in a Goodreads review about another book I was reading, but I somehow forget which.

I have been reading this at the same time I was reading a biography of John Donne. Interesting that I paired the two together: one, a Catholic who became a Protestant in the pressures of the Engl...more

Every Priest at a Newman Center should read this book, and then maybe, just maybe, it will dawn on him why Newman Centers are so named.

My opinion of this book lingers between a 3.5 star rating and a 4. Newman has some excellent things to say here about the interconnectedness of theology and all knowledge. He has some excellent things to say about the university as "uni"versity vs. multiversity. His writing is eloquent - perhaps...more

Pri hodnotení tejto knihy je potrebné pozrieť sa na dve veci: (1.) samotné dielo Idea Univerzity, a na to (2.) ako sa s jeho vydaním popasoval slovenský vydavateľ.

Čo sa týka samotného diela musím sa priznať, že na začiatku som mal celkom obavy keď som videl tú hrubú knihu a predstavil...more

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