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I Will Repay

Baroness Emmuska Orczy

Book Overview: 

The story starts before the French revolution. It's 1783 and wealthy Paul Déroulède has offended the young Vicomte de Marny by speaking disrepctfully of his latest infatuation, Adèle de Monterchéri. Déroulède had not intended to get into the quarrel but has a tendency to blunder into things -- "no doubt a part of the inheritance bequeathed to him by his bourgeois ancestry."

Incensed at the slur on Adèle, whom he sees as a paragon of virtue, the Vicomte challenges Déroulède to a duel, a fight which Déroulède does not want -- for he knows and respects the boy's father, the Duc de Marny. Swords drawn, the fight ensues in the centre of the salon but despite his noble lineage, the Vicomte de Marny is no match for Déroulède's swordplay, especially when addled with wine and rage. Déroulède disarms his opponent and having won the duel, draws back but the boy refuses to back down without complete satisfaction and demands that Déroulède get down on his knees and apologize.

Finally losing his temper with the young Vicomte, Déroulède raises his sword to disarm his protagonist once more, however de Marny lunges wildly at his opponent's breast and manges to literally throw himself on Déroulède's weapon. The boy is dead and Déroulède can do nothing but leave the establishment. (Summary by Wikipedia)

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .She did not understand that in the simplicity of his heart, he only wished to make amends. The quarrel with the young Vicomte de Marny had been forced upon him, the fight had been honourable and fair, and on his side fought with every desire to spare the young man. He had merely been the instrument of Fate, but he felt happy that Fate once more used him as her tool, this time to save the sister.

Whilst Déroulède and Juliette talked together Anne Mie cleared the supper-table, then came and sat on a low stool at madame’s feet. She took no part in the conversation, but every now and then Juliette felt the girl’s melancholy eyes fixed almost reproachfully upon her.

When Juliette had retired with Pétronelle, Déroulède took Anne Mie’s hand in his.

“You will be kind to my guest, Anne Mie, won’t you? She seems very lonely, and has gone through a great deal.”

“Not more tha. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Originally published on my blog here in May 2000.

In this melodramatic romance set during the French Revolution, the factor that has ensured it a measure of survival (the involvement of the Scarlet Pimpernel) is fairly incidental to the plot, as he is basically a supernatural element to bring a succe

الترجمة لِ غبريال وهبة

I think this has been one of my favourite Scarlet Pimpernel books so far - on par with Sir Percy Leads the Band.

The main characters have backstories and more depth than Orczy usually manages; the story is tighly paced, with a few successful twists (and unfortunately, a few unrealistic ones, too). Th

Nel non troppo lontano 2018 lessi il primo libro della serie La Primula Rossa, romanzo dei primi del novecento di cappa e spada con alcune peculiarità. Tipo che ha inventato la tipologia di personaggio "milionario che si finge idiota e la notte va a combattere l'ingiustizia".
Tipo che Zorro è ispirat

I Will Repay is a novel written by Baroness Emmuska Orczy and originally published in 1906. Baroness Orczy, who's full name is, get ready, Baroness Emma Magdolna Rozália Mária Jozefa Borbála "Emmuska" Orczy de Orci was a Hungarian-born British novelist and playwright and is best known for her series

I really enjoyed "The Scarlet Pimpernel". I also liked the sequel, "The Elusive Pimpernel". These books are goofy and silly, but they work because the author clearly knows what she's writing and avoids any pretensions to the contrary.

Unfortunately, it appears that Baroness Orczy wanted to overstep h

[There may be some vague spoilers for The Scarlet Pimpernel in the following.]

I Will Repay is North and South meets The Scarlet Pimpernel in all the best ways. It’s a high-stakes adventure set during the French Revolution instead of the Industrial one, with all the aggravating misunderstandings that

Actual rating: 4,5.
Fast-paced, quick and fun, always a delight to read, this was my first introduction to The Scarlet Pimpernel, which is why I will always forgive its paper-thin characters, melodrama and purple prose (which I absolutely adore).

Where the heck is Marguerite?! I want her back!

Apparently book three in the Scarlet Pimpernel series. Paul Déroulède and Juliette Marny are star-crossed lovers. She hates him for what she thinks he is and loves him for what she knows he is. In her angry phase she turns him over to the French authorities and only the Scarlet Pimpernel can save th

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