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Charles Kingsley

Book Overview: 

Hypatia is set in 5th Century A.D. Egypt. It centers upon a young orphan monk from a desert monastery who feels called to continue his religious life in the city. He discovers a sister, who is a prostitute living with a band of Goths. Other characters include Hypatia, a lady philosopher based on a historical personage; Cyril, Bishop of Alexandria; Felix, the Roman prefect; a Jewish man who has lost his faith; and an elderly Jewish woman who is like a sorceress. St. Augustine of Hippo makes a brief appearance.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .If a man smite thee on one cheek, turn to him the other"?'

'I could not run away, as Master Peter and the rest did.'

'So you ran away, eh? my worthy friend?'

'Is it not written,' asked Peter, in his blandest tone, "If they persecute you in one city, flee unto another"?'

Cyril smiled again. 'And why could not you run away, boy?'

Philammon blushed scarlet, but he dared not lie. 'There was a—a poor black woman, wounded and trodden down, and I dare not leave her, for she told me she was a Christian.'

'Right, my son, right. I shall remember this. What was her name?'

'I did not hear it.—Stay, I think she said Judith.'

'Ah! the wife of the porter who stands at the lecture-room door, which God confound! A devout woman, full of good works, and sorely ill-treated by her heathen husband. Peter, thou shalt go to her to-morrow with the physician, and see if she is in need of anything. . . . Read More

Community Reviews

read this quite a while back, came to mind to add here, mainly as a great bit of history and a time in my life when i was getting inspired by those who stood up for 'truth', whatever that means to me now...more

For a book that started so well, I was mightily disappointed with the progression and ending of this one. Charles Kingsley does a good job showing the corruption of the catholic church in the 5th century but he completely gets Hypatia wrong. Being a christian he is obsessed with belief, and I think

This was a difficult read, two volumes of victorian historical fiction addressing a feminist heroine, Hypatia. If you have heard of her at all, you know that she was a Greek mathematician who was dragged to death or cut to pieces by seashells in 4th century century Alexandria. Christian zealots were

ফিলামন। তরুন খ্রিস্টান সন্ন্যাসী। খ্রিস্ট ধর্মের প্রতি তার অন্ধ বিশ্বাস। একেই দুনিয়ার সেরা এবং একমাত্র ধর্ম হিসেবে জানে সে। ছোট থেকে দুই সন্ন্যাসীর কাছে বড় হয়। ১৮ বছর হলে সে দুনিয়া ঘুরে দেখার ইচ্ছেয় মঠ থেকে বিদায় নিয়ে বের হয় আলেকজেন্দ্রিয়ার পথে ছোট একটা ডিংগী নিয়ে। পথে দেখা হয়ে যায় গথ আর

لا يمكن لأحد انكار التشابه بينها و بين عزازيل ليوسف زيدان و ان لم يكن إلى هذا الحد الفادح .. لاتزال الأسئلة تدور حول مقتل هيباتيا وهل بالفعل كانوا المسيحيين ؟ و هل للبابا كيرلس يد في هذه الجريمة .. و ان كانت له فهل هذا يلغي إثرائه للمكتبة الأبائية بأحد اعطم الكتب ك"حوار حول الثالوث." تساؤلا ت يطرحها

I was celebrating when I found myself reading page 310 of this boring novel, but I was confused also because it is only 10 pages remaining and many lines must end.
Then I sadly found the surprise, this book is just volume 1 of the novel and there is volume 2 which I will not read at least during the

I didnt like the writing style of this book at all


قرأت هذا الكتاب بعد ما أثير حول نقل الدكتور يوسف زيدان له في روايته ذائعة الصيت عزازيل.

ما من شك أن هناك نقاط تشابه بين الكتابين خاصة في الهيكل السردي وزمان وقوع الأحداث وبعض الشخصيات التاريخية (ولكن هذا شيء طبيعي في الروايات التي تتناول مرحلة تاريخية ما بشخوصها الحقيقية). فكلا الكتابين يتحدث عن راهب

The story of Hypatia - mathematician, astronomer, and philosopher - who was caught up in a conflict between the Church and the Roman Empire, and murdered by a Christian mob in 415 AD. The Alexandrian school of philosophy died with her. Hypatia's murder was its deathblow, writes Kingsley, its light f

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