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Hunted and Harried

R. M. Ballantyne

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .g men, threw a bone of contention among them in the shape of royal acts of Indulgence, as they were styled, by which a certain number of the ejected ministers were permitted to preach on certain conditions, but only within their own parishes. To preach at a separate meeting in a private house subjected the minister to a fine of 5000 merks (about 278 pounds). To preach in the fields was to incur the penalty of death and confiscation of property. And these arbitrary laws were not merely enacted for intimidation. They were rigorously enforced. The curates in many cases became mere spies and Government informers. Many of the best men in the land laid down their lives rather than cease to proclaim the Gospel of love and peace and goodwill in Jesus Christ. Of course their enemies set them down as self-willed and turbulent fanatics. It has ever been, and ever will be, thus with men who are indifferent to principle. They will not, as well as cannot, understand those who are ready to fight, and. . . Read More

Community Reviews


I thought it was kind of hard to follow the story I kind of got lost in some parts because of all the other information he put in. It was a good book for info.

Taking place in the time of the Scottish Martyrs, this book is both thrilling, appalling, and firm in Christian Doctrine. "Hunted and Harried" paints a graphic picture of the torture and faith the Scottish people endured. I love the fact that it had "REAL" men in it.. An excellent example set for...more

I picked this up expecting a fun Boys' Own style adventure story set around the Covenanters, but found myself gripped, appalled, and horrified by Ballantyne's passionately and unashamedly partisan depiction of the awful persecutions endured by these people. Read the full review at my blog, In Whi...more

I had a difficult time rating this, as it's set at the time of the Covenanter's in Scotland and there was quite a bit of martyrdom going on at this time (1600's). :( I just set it in the middle as I'm not likely to read this again (maybe once more in my lifetime perhaps) but I did enjoy the histo...more

Interesting read.

It’s and interesting read on the view of the killing times from the perspective of the Covenantors. Gives a narrative to a look at the history.

Though I have read about this time period before, Hunted and Harried taught me a lot and now I understand the whys and wherefores of that struggle. Despite Will Wallace being the main character, the book frequently shows things from the perspective of other characters (many of whom are historical...more

Young Will Wallace (not to be confused with the Scottish hero William Wallace) is first seen as the book opens as a dragoon under the command of Claverhouse. Appalled by the atrocities he has seen, he feels very uncomfortable with their mission to find and persecute the Covenanters. Will, however...more

This book was very good and exciting as well as being packed full of historical information. I would not have wanted to live through the times those people did! Good book, four stars for being good and R.M. Ballantyne (How can you go wrong?).

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