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Household Tales by Brothers Grimm

Wilhelm Grimm and Jacob Grimm

Book Overview: 

The complete Brothers Grimm stories, as translated directly from the German. Some of the stories will be familiar such as The Frog Prince, Rapunzel, and Cinderella. Other tales are less well known such as The Three Black Princesses, and The Story of the Youth Who Went Forth to Learn What Fear Was.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . . a girl who was going towards a small house, and when he came nearer, he saw that the maiden was young and beautiful. He spoke to her, and said, "Dear child, can I and my servant find shelter for the night in the little house?" "Oh, yes," said the girl in a sad voice, "that you certainly can, but I do not advise you to venture it. Do not go in." "Why not?" asked the King's son. The maiden sighed and said, "My step-mother practises wicked arts; she is ill-disposed toward strangers." Then he saw very well that he had come to the house of a witch, but as it was dark, and he could not go farther, and also was not afraid, he entered. The old woman was sitting in an armchair by the fire, and looked at the stranger with her red eyes. "Good evening," growled she, and pretended to be quite friendly. "Take a seat and rest yourselves." She blew up the fire on which she was cooking something in a small pot. The daughter warned the two to be prudent, to eat nothing, and drink nothing,. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Of the hundreds of stories collected by the Grimms between 1806 and 1850, only a handful remain in the mainstream two hundred years on. Some have attributed this to the disappearance of the oral story telling tradition in Europe, as society became industrialised. Were it not for the Grimms’ extensiv

Read this for the assignment on my Fantasy and Science Fiction course in Coursera. This book contains most of the familiar Grimm Brothers' fairy tales, and I also had been familiar with some of them. There is a similar pattern which occurred through the stories, and it is a repetition of an act or t

As, it seems, for many others, I read this book for an online course in Fantasy and Science Fiction literature. Although I've read Grimm's fairy tales before, as a child, it was always the "sanitized" version that had been modified to be children's literature instead of the original adult tales. Fas

It has been fascinating.

At first the stories made absolutely no sense to me. There were no morals. They would have a slow start, a nonsense of a middle, and an abrupt and usually violent end. I thought to myself: These are not stories for children! But as I read on I realized that I have been readin

I absolutely adored these stories as a child, despite the fact that their endings left much to be desired.

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