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The House of the Vampire

George Sylvester Viereck

Book Overview: 

The House of the Vampire is a novella that is a very unusual vampire story. A young writer comes under the powerful influence of a mysterious older master, who seems to have left a trail of ruined proteges in his wake. The story is as much about the nature of artistic creation as it is a chilling vampire tale.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Yes," said Walkham, the sculptor, "it's a most curious thing."

"What is?" asked Ernest, who had been dreaming over the Sphinx that was looking at him from its corner with the sarcastic smile of five thousand years.

"How our dreams of yesterday stare at us like strangers to-day."

"On the contrary," remarked Reginald, "it would be strange if they were still to know us. In fact, it would be unnatural. The skies above us and the earth underfoot are in perpetual motion. Each atom of our physical nature is vibrating with unimaginable rapidity. Change is identical with life."

"It sometimes seems," said the sculptor, "as if thoughts evaporated like water."

"Why not, under favorable conditions?"

"But where do they go? Surely they cannot perish utterly?"

[Pg 26]"Yes, that is the question. Or, rather, it is not a question. Nothing is ever lost in the spiritual universe."

"But what," inquired Ernest, "is the pa. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Horror is, perhaps, not the proper category for this book, but it is close enough. The tale features a vampire of a different sort, and is told in brief chapters with a dream-like air. It moves swiftly, despite the languid dialogue. It is an excellent read.

As you likely already know, this was one of the first psychic vampire stories ever. Somehow it has become a rumor that it is an erotic novel and features bisexual characters. It doesn’t, so don’t bother if that’s the only reason you want to read it. There are a few scenes that come off homoerotic, a

A 1907 vampire novel in the style of Oscar Wilde! This is one of those obscure classics that is actually entertaining and not simply dust on the shelf of literary history. Nearly five stars, but it would be unfair to Dorian Gray to rate them both the same. Also, Viereck was a Nazi. So that’s problem

I read this book so fast and I really liked it. It as very unique and entertaining. Although it classifies itself as the first gay vampire novel, I do not think it is gay enough. However, I really love the psychic vampire concept and the part where the vampire can suck more than just blood, they can

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