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The House of Souls

Arthur Machen

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Page_48" id="Page_48">[48] down the other. But there I was, right in the open country, with a cool wind blowing on me from a wood, and the air full of soft rustling sounds, and notes of birds from the bushes, and the singing noise of a little brook that ran under the road. I was standing on the bridge when I took out my watch and struck a wax light to see the time; and it came upon me suddenly what a strange evening it had been. It was all so different, you see, to what I had been doing all my life, particularly for the year before, and it almost seemed as if I couldn't be the man who had been going into the City every day in the morning and coming back from it every evening after writing a lot of uninteresting letters. It was like being pitched all of a sudden from one world into another. Well, I found my way back somehow or other, and as I went along I made up my mind how I'd spend my holiday. I said to myself, "I'll have a walking tour as well as Ferrars, only . . . Read More

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Author's Note ✔

Contains 7 of the 14 episodic chapters of a story which should be read as a complete arch to be truly appreciated
Prologue ✔
Adventure of the Gold Tiberius ✔
The Encounter of

Creo que la obra que más destaca es: El gran Dios Pan, las demás son buenas pero no puedo decir que me llevará bien con al estilo del autor, no lo recomendaría, talvez necesite una relectura más adelante.

Puede que muchos no estén de acuerdo con mi opinión de “La casa de las almas”, puede que mi mayor error fuera crearme expectativas respecto a Machen y al momento de leerlo cayó corto en los primeros dos relatos.
Para mí, lo que fue “Un fragmento de vida”, me pareció desarticulado entre si, la parte

No puedo decir nada de Arthur Machen que no se haya dicho antes. Lo que sí puedo decir es que disfruté mucho con sus relatos. El libro está compuesto por "Un fragmento de vida", "La gente blanca", "El gran dios Pan" y "La luz más recóndita".

A través de sus historias permea el horror antiguo, ese que

"A Fragment of Life." Although the other tales are more famous, it was this one--its images and idea--that's stuck with me clearest since I first read this collection, a few years ago. The world beneath the world, the reality beneath convention and formula...If only I could find a way back to it too

According to Machen's introduction to this collection, he assembled these four of his novellas to prove that he could actually write "modern." Well, at least modern for the turn of the 20th Century. He admits to having had a tendency to be so in love with antiquated English that he trained himself t

I had been wanting to check out Arthur Machen's 1906 collection of short stories, entitled "The House of Souls," for quite some time; ever since I had read two highly laudatory pieces written about this work and its author. The first was H.P. Lovecraft's comments in his widely referred to essay "Sup

The Great God Pan and 'The White People' are classics of the horror genre, while The Inmost Light is more conventional, but still a damn good piece. A Fragment of Life, the only non-horror tale in the collection, has its tedious sections, but this proves to be intentional as a rendering of the ephem

A lot of how one "feels" about a book and what one "thinks" about a book goes back to taste. I have stated elsewhere that I like H.P. Lovecraft. Machen is considered an influence on and a precursor of Lovecraft. I was already familiar (slightly) with The White People and The Great God Pan before fin

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