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A House of Pomegranates

Oscar Wilde

Book Overview: 

”The Fisherman and his Soul” is a fairy tale in Wilde’s “A House of Pomegranates”. It tells of a fisherman who nets and falls in love with a mermaid. But to be with her he must shed his soul, which goes off to have adventures of its own. Will forbidden love endure?

A House of Pomegranates is a collection of fairy tales, written by Oscar Wilde. Wilde once said that this collection was "intended neither for the British child nor the British public."

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .t passion brings upon its servants, he had failed to notice that the elaborate ceremonies by which he sought to please her did but aggravate the strange malady from which she suffered.  When she died he was, for a time, like one bereft of reason.  Indeed, there is no doubt but that he would have formally abdicated and retired to the great Trappist monastery at Granada, of which he was already titular Prior, had he not been afraid to leave the little Infanta at the mercy of his brother, whose cruelty, even in Spain, was notorious, and who was suspected by many of having caused the Queen’s death by means of a pair of poisoned gloves that he had presented to her on the occasion of her visiting his castle in Aragon.  Even after the expiration of the three years of public mourning that he had ordained throughout his whole dominions by royal edict, he would never suffer his ministers to speak about any new alliance, and when the Emperor himself sent to him,. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Once upon a time there was a little collection of fairy tales called The House of Pomegranates by Oscar Wilde. I opened this book up and found a whole different book than the one I had expected! Is that a good or a bad thing? Well, I suppose both.

My familiarity with Mr. Wilde is prett...more


Lâu rồi mới đổi vị đọc truyện cổ tích mà lại còn của Oscar Wilde. Trước đó tớ mới đọc Hoàng Tử Hạnh Phúc thôi, quyển mỏng dính 7 ngàn rưởi của NXB Kim Đồng cách đây gần hai chục năm rồi. Sau khi đọc Ngôi Nhà Thạch Lựu thì có lẽ cuốn này thích hợp hơn với người lớn, vì nó khá dark v...more

Các cậu có nhớ cái meme Hà Nhuận Đông đóng Lương Sơn Bá ôm ngực phun máu không?
Đấy là tớ sau khi đọc xong quyển sách này

Aπολαυστικός Όσκαρ όμως αν είχα διαβάσει τις ιστορίες σε πολύ μικρότερη ηλικία θα μου έκαναν πολύ πιο βαθιά εντύπωση. Επειδή ακριβώς είναι παραμύθια και αρα διδακτικά κάποιες φορές με ενοχλούσε ο υπερβολικός ηθικός τόνος. Όμως μου άρεσε το γεγονός ότι τα παραμύθια όλα, μα όλα σχεδόν είχαν κάτι σκ...more

"A House of Pomegranates" is a collection of four fairy tales which were written by Oscar Wilde and published in 1891. It is regarded as a follow-up to his first fairy tale collection "The Happy Prince and Other Tales".

Wilde's success arose primarly from thinking of stories as things to tell. It is h...more

Đọc thích hơn cuốn Hoàng Tử Hạnh Phúc một tẹo, vì có vẻ 4 truyện cổ tích trong này viết theo kiểu dành cho người lớn nhiều hơn là các cháu thiếu nhi :)) Phong cách viết, cốt truyện, các tình tiết, nhân vật và diễn biến truyện cũng có vẻ "người lớn" hơn là cuốn trước của Oscar Wilde mà mình đọc. Các t...more

Four Fairy Tales a la Wilde

Yes, Oscar Wilde wrote children's stories and I was amazed the first time I found out. These definitely follow a more old fashioned, pre-Disney trajectory for fairy tales. Happiness is not the objective, moral edification is and thus, often rather sad.

This is meant to be...more

Like Grimm's Tales - only much much much better and far more interesting! Great.

Sono contenuti in questa raccolta quattro racconti che sono quattro gioielli. Storie fantastiche, ricolme di bellezza, tristi e dolorose, si tratta di racconti che con la forma di favole parlano ad ognuno di noi dei valori dell'amore, del rispetto verso gli altri esseri umani, della malvagità sen...more

Kitapta hepsi birbirinden güzel 4 masal var. Genç Kral masalı, halkları açlık, sefalet ve hastalıkla kırılırken, zevk ve sefa içinde yaşayan krallara bir eleştiri niteliğinde. Aşık olup, uğruna ruhundan vazgeçen genç balıkçı ise aşkı küçümseyen, hor gören insanlara bir cevap olmuş. Kitap bitince...more

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