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The House in the Mist

Anna Katharine Green

Book Overview: 

A weary traveler Hugh Austin arrives, seeking food and lodging for the night. "Enter, sir; you are the first to arrive, but the others can not be far behind," he is told. "What others?" he wonders, gazing at a stern portrait hanging on the wall. He finds he has chanced upon the gathering of friends and relatives of the man in the portrait. An inheritance is to be divided, all concerned must be present by the appointed hour. And this inheritance is so substantial that violence, murder, and vengeance from beyond the grave all await among the heirs.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Clapsaddle," she replied, waddling hungrily forward and getting unpleasantly near the speaker, for he moved off as she approached, and took his stand in the clear place at the head of the table.[Pg 29]

"Very good, Mistress Clapsaddle. You were a Westonhaugh, I believe?"

"You believe, sneak-faced hypocrite that you are!" she blurted out. "I don't understand your lawyer ways. I like plain speaking myself. Don't you know me, and Luke and Hector, and—and most of us indeed, except that puny, white-faced girl yonder, whom, having been brought up on the other side of the Ridge, we have none of us seen since she was a screaming baby in Hildegarde's arms. And the young gentleman over there,"—here she indicated me—"who shows so little likeness to the rest of the family. He will have to make it pretty plain who his father was before we shall feel like acknowledging him, either as the son of one of Eustace's girls, or a chip from brother Salmon's ha. . . Read More

Community Reviews

I didn't mean to read this at the time I did, but the first sentence caught my attention this morning and I read it before breakfast! The tired traveller, the narrator, tells a very interesting story; my attention did not lag in the least. One event follows the other in a quick sequences, and the en

A traveller happens upon a house in a village whilst seeking shelter on a misty night. The house is open, and initially the reception he gets is quite strange to him, he then realises that he was taken for the relative of a dead man and that the gathering he encounters is a meeting of relatives rega

From 1905
Over wordy to the extreme.
But a fun fairy tale adventure, with romance and a mass poisoning.

A hiker was traveling through western Pennsylvania in a cool mist. He stopped by a mansion, thinking that it was a tavern, and was told to wait inside. He soon realizes that he was thought to be a relative of a man who died recently. The lawyer arrived for the reading of the will to the greedy relat

This was a quickie. In my "Complete Works of" it is included in her short stories, so I can only guess that this edition must be larger print. It is a somewhat macabre sort of story and would have been perfect for a Halloween reading. As in the title, a large house is surrounded in a mist. Of course

Guess What’s Coming to Dinner

The House in the Mist is a short story by Anna Katharine Green which is included in her collection Room Number 3, and Other Detective Stories. However, it is not a detective story at all but a gruesome and nightmarish tale of revenge that is written in so vivid a style t

WHAT a surprising tale of revenge!

Hugh Austin, a wayfarer is traveling through the mist in Pennsylvania at about 7:45-ish when he comes upon a house with its doors and windows open and lights pouring out from it. A man leaving beckons him in saying dinner will be held at 9:00. What happens next warn

"Enter, sir; you are the first to arrive..."

Initially mistaking the building for a tavern, a stranger was invited in from the cold. It was 1905 and the gentleman was welcomed; supper was to be served at nine. The young man, Hugh Austin, cheerfully observed the furniture, a painting and various knick

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