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The House on the Borderland

William Hope Hodgson

Book Overview: 

Two gentlemen, Messrs Tonnison and Berreggnog, head into Ireland to spend a week fishing in the village of Kraighten. While there, they discover in the ruins of a very curious house a diary of the man who had once owned it. Its torn pages seem to hint at an evil beyond anything that existed on this side of the curtains of impossibility. This is a classic novel that worked to slowly bridge the gap between the British fantastic and supernatural authors and modern horror fiction. Classic American horror writer H. P. Lovecraft lists this and other works by Hodgson among his greatest influences.
(Summary by Wikipedia)

For fans of Stephen King, Clive Barker and Dean Koontz.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Almost immediately, Pepper gave a long-drawn howl of pain, and then the shrubs were violently agitated, and he came running out with his tail down, and glancing as he ran over his shoulder. As he reached me, I saw that he was bleeding from what appeared to be a great claw wound in the side that had almost laid bare his ribs.

Seeing Pepper thus mutilated, a furious feeling of anger seized me, and, whirling my staff, I sprang across, and into the bushes from which Pepper had emerged. As I forced my way through, I thought I heard a sound of breathing. Next instant, I had burst into a little clear space, just in time to see something, livid white in color, disappear among the bushes on the opposite side. With a shout, I ran toward it; but, though I struck and probed among the bushes with my stick, I neither saw nor heard anything further; and so returned to Pepper. There, after bathing his wound in the river, I bound my wetted handkerchief 'round his body; having don. . . Read More

Community Reviews

In an isolated area of West Ireland, far from big towns or roads and crowds there was a huge unwanted house, that the local people from the nearby little village of Kraighten said was haunted, the time before the dawn of the Twentieth Century, apparently more than a score of years then. Two stranger

Read, write, and study books for long enough, and you'll eventually start to recognize how stories work. You'll find yourself saying things like "Oh, this character's going to die soon because the author just resolved the ongoing tension they had with the hero" or "Ah, the mysterious stranger must a

"Miré a uno y otro lado, y vi más y más. Las montañas rebosaban de seres extraños: Dioses-bestias, Horrores tan atroces y deformes, que la cordura y la decencia se niegan a todo intento de descripción. Y yo…, yo me sentí invadido de un horror, una náusea y una repugnancia insoportables; sin embargo,

"...I had, indeed, penetrated within the borderland of some unthought-of region—some subtle, intangible place, or form, of existence."

This may be a hallucinogenic narration of cosmic horror that transcends time and space. Or is it a diary of madness? Take a journey to the borderland and explore the

Unique weird fiction story involving a recluse and his sister, Ireland, a towering house overhanging an abyss. Also, pigs.

Side effect : the reading thereof can trigger wild hallucinatory imagery and time travel.

And here's a link to the full text on Wikisource

My opinion on the matter:

(view spoiler)[Quite frankly, (hide spoiler)]

The cover and interior illustrations are by John Coulthart, accompanied by a newly commissioned soundtrack by Jon Mueller. Not stopping there, Alan Moore contributed a new introduction, while Iain Sinclair is looking after the afterword. Everyone who participated in this project has a passion for Ho

You will never forget the books as long as you live. Incredible visions inside. I don't know what the author took but it was very strong stuff. Incredible book!

Very interesting, I at first thought that he was influenced by Lovecraft, but Hodgson predates Lovecraft!

Weird, creepy, with some long slow periods, but entertaining and thought provoking. I can see how many artists since have been influenced and of course this may be a generational influence for t

Another short read between big buddy reads - another miss; details follow. Two guys found some ruins in an isolated spot in Ireland (I strongly suspect such places do not exist anymore). The place was gloomy, oppressive, and just plain spooky. The only thing to find - other than stones - was a manus

Have you ever wondered what a place would be like where you were outside of time and space, neither dead nor alive? Where you could observe the mechanisms of the universe and see the death of our planet and sun? Where you could commune with souls of the dead in the black, silent sea of sleep?

Well, i

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