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The Home and the World

Rabindranath Tagore

Book Overview: 

The Home and the World is a 1916 novel, set in the estate of the rich Bengali noble Nikhil. He lives happily with his beautiful wife Bimala until the appearance of his friend and radical revolutionist, Sandip.

Sandip, a passionate and active man, is a contradiction to the peace-loving and somewhat passive Nikhil. He easily attracts the innocent and unsuspecting Bimala, creating a love triangle.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Come in."

It was not a request, but again a command! I followed her in, and taking a chair fanned myself with a fan which was on the table. Bee scribbled something with a pencil on a sheet of paper and, summoning a servant, handed it to him saying: "Take this to the Maharaja."

"Forgive me," I resumed. "I was unable to control myself, and hit that man of yours.

"You served him right," said Bee.

"But it was not the poor fellow's fault, after all. He was only obeying his orders."

Here Nikhil came in, and as he did so I left my seat with a rapid movement and went and stood near the window with my back to the room.

"Nanku, the guard, has insulted Sandip Babu," said Bee to Nikhil.

Nikhil seemed to be so genuinely surprised that I had to turn round and stare at him. Even an outrageously good man fails in keeping up . . . Read More

Community Reviews

Reading Tagore's work as a Westerner, I am always reminded of the importance of caution. That is, I must be careful to not be too attached to the certainties I usually attach to my criteria for evaluation. When the author invites me to paint a picture, under his guidance, out of the materials of my

Exceptionally remarkable! .brilliant, complex novel where the three characters take turns telling the story from their own point of view, beautiful political and moral parallel to the struggles and conflicts India underwent in the days of upheaval against the British Empire. Tagore is magnificent.

عندما قرأت العمل هذا كنت أرجّح شاعرية طاغور أكثر على روائيته والسبب لكثرة ماعرفته من نتاج شخصي له وماعرف كشاعر لكن هذا العمل يبرهن على حتى نجاحه الروائي وككاتب مسرحي كذلك. الرواية ليست بالمعجزة ولا العظيمة فهي تقليديتها. لكنها مشبعة بالحكمة والفلسفة كمعظم رويات الهند والصين هذا فوق فلسفة طاغور الساح

"I am willing to serve my country, but my worship I reserve for Right which is far greater than my country. To worship my country as a god is to bring a curse upon it.”

"To tyrannize for the country is to tyrannize over the country”

How much can present day ultra-nationalists learn from him!


ঘরে বাইরে = Ghôre Baire or Ghare Baire = The Home and the World, Rabindranath Tagore

The Home and the World is a 1916 novel by Rabindranath Tagore. The book illustrates the battle Tagore had with himself, between the ideas of Western culture and revolution against the Western culture.

These two ideas

If "Timelessness" defines whether a book is a classic or not, then "Ghare Baire" or "The Home and The World" is in true sense a great Classic.

Before this book, 'Chokher Bali' was the only other novel that I had read of Tagore, and can't say I was too impressed with it. But, this book was just revel

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