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The Holy War

John Bunyan

Book Overview: 

The Holy War is perhaps John Bunyan's second most popular work, after The Pilgrim's Progress. It tells the story of a fierce battle to take control of a city from its rightful ruler.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .nd his scutcheon was the three burning thunderbolts.

The second captain was Captain Conviction; to him also were given ten thousand men.  His ensign’s name was Mr. Sorrow; he did bear the pale colours, and his scutcheon was the book of the law wide open, from whence issued a flame of fire.

The third captain was Captain Judgment; to him were given ten thousand men.  His ensign’s name was Mr. Terror; he bare the red colours, and his scutcheon was a burning fiery furnace.

The fourth captain was Captain Execution; to him were given ten thousand men.  His ensign was one Mr. Justice; he also bare the red colours, and his scutcheon was a fruitless tree, with an axe lying at the root thereof.

These four captains, as I said, had every one of them under his command ten thousand men, all of good fidelity to the King, and stout at their military actions.

Well, the captains and their forces, their men and under officer. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Holy War is the allegorical story of the attack on Mansoul by the Devil. It is told in the same style as the more well-known Pilgrim’s Progress, also by Bunyan. Its style is antiquated and a bit overdone for the modern reader, but the message and the truths it portrays are still valid and relevant.

I am about to commit literary heresy - I am about to diss John Bunyan. The only reason I've rated this book as average is that the author is, well, John Bunyan. Just because he was a 17th Century Puritan doesn't mean I have to like his writing. Because Puritans held the Sabbath day sacred and permit

Bunyan is best known for his allegory of the Christian life called the Pilgrim's Progress. No doubt that is where any reader of Bunyan should start. But those who enjoy his Bible-saturated allegory and its unique and powerful manner of communicating truth would do well to follow it up with the Holy

I thoroughly enjoyed the book. It looks at the christian life from the point of view of what takes place inside the head of the believer.

Perhaps the greatest book ever written outside the Bible.

For its glorious and compelling presentation of Christ as well as intensity that comes straight from Scripture, this book deserves more honor than Pilgrim's Progress.

1. Diabolos conquers the town.
2. Emmanuel takes it back.
3. The town

This allegory is just as well organized, thought out, and just as loving in tone as Pilgrim's Progress. This is such a wonderful illustration of the battle over the human soul and salvation. I highly recommend this book.

This book is a true classic. John Bunyan colorfully illustrates the war that we daily wage against Satan (a.k.a. Diabolus). In this book, Bunyan shows that, while the inner battle against Satan will never end while we live on this earth, we will triumph in the end through Christ.


The city of Mansoul was created for the sole pleasure of King Shaddai, the ruler of the universe. The city was the greatest city of all. For this reason, Diabolus and his evil minions desired to destroy the city. Diabolus always desires to destroy the good creations of King Shaddai. A discus

For people who like old school battle action, this is a great twist on the real life battle Christians face. Not in the sense of Christian vs Non-Christian, but within ourselves. Our daily struggles and how we face them.

Cleverly written, but could be shorter and make the same points.

I really wanted to like this book. It had an interesting idea behind it, and it was written by the guy who brought us PILGRIM'S PROGRESS. I tried to make myself enjoy it, even when it was boring the living daylights out of me. But no more! I'm done!
The story of THE HOLY WAR is fairly nonsensical in

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