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Holy in Christ

Andrew Murray

Book Overview: 

In introducing this book, which Andrew Murray sub-titled “Thoughts on the Calling of God’s Children to Be Holy as He is Holy”, I can do no better than to quote from the author’s own Preface: “It has been my earnest desire that I might be a helper of the faith of my brethren in seeking to trace with them the wondrous revelation of God’s Holiness through the ages as recorded in His blessed Word.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .God speaks of the exchange of the priests for the first-born (Num. iii. 12, 13, viii. 16, 17): ‘The Levites are wholly given unto me; instead of the first-born have I taken them unto me; for all the first-born are mine; in the day that I smote every first-born in the land of Egypt I sanctified them for myself.’

Let us try and realize the relation existing [p48] between redemption and holiness. In Paradise we saw what God’s sanctifying the seventh day was: He took possession of it, He blessed it, He rested in it and refreshed Himself. Where God enters and rests, there is holiness: the more perfectly the object is fitted for Him to enter and dwell, the more perfect the holiness. The seventh day was sanctified as the period for man’s sanctification. At the very first step God took to lead him to His Holiness—the command not to eat of the tree—man fell. God did not give up His plan, but had now to pursue a different and slow. . . Read More

Community Reviews

I would give this 7 stars if I could. If only finishing this book meant I had attained to the subject!! This book has profoundly stirred my heart to respond to the call to "be holy as I am holy."

This book is rich, profound, and convicting. While there were moments I wasn’t sure I agreed with Andrew Murray on a particular point or two, I emphasize that these were momentary. Overall, I found the book to be very enlightening and enriching to my perspective. Three key ideas I took away from the

31 insights on Holiness, a good material for morning devotions.

Holy in Christ Thoughts on the Calling of God's Children to be Holy as He is Holy Andrew Murray

This book has been so far a great Blessing to me. This book has given me a greater understanding of the Holiness of God.

31 chapters dealing in depth with different biblical texts on holiness.
Rich and persuasive, like all of Andrew Murray's works,and I feel I have barely touched the surface and will retain only a tiny portion of the treasure available.
His treatment of what Gen 2:2-3 (creation of the Sabbath) means for

Although at times it requires a lot of concentration to fully absorb what the author is saying, if you take it in, you will learn a lot about holiness. Each chapter focuses on a different aspect of holiness and there is a lot to learn. Every chapter closes with a prayer based on what we have learnt

This was so much useful information about holiness. It was a lot to process but the chapters were well organized and nothing felt like it was repeated.

Typical mind and spirit stretching material from Andrew Murray.

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