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The Hindu-Yogi Science Of Breath

William Walter Atkinson

Book Overview: 

Increase your awareness about the forgotten art of breathing as researched, practiced and written by our Eastern brothers. Inside you will find how our Western society has perhaps forgotten the proper way to breath, hence leaving us more susceptible to disease and poor health. This book explains in layman's terms what happens inside our bodies when we inhale and then exhale. And the effects improper breathing has on both our internal and external extremities. It describes nature's proximity for the respiratory, and circulatory systems. The final sections include invaluable Yogi breathing exercises for increased breathing awareness and better health. Salaam.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . . consumed, and parts with its noxious carbonic acid gas, but it also takes up and absorbs a certain quantity of oxygen which it carries to all parts of the body, where it is needed in order that Nature may perform her processes properly. When the oxygen comes in contact with the blood, it unites with the hemoglobin of the blood and is carried to every cell, tissue, muscle and organ, which it invigorates and strengthens, replacing the worn out cells and tissue by new materials which Nature converts to her use. Arterial blood, properly exposed to the air, contains about 25 per cent of free oxygen.

Not only is every part vitalized by the oxygen, but the act of digestion depends materially upon a certain amount of oxygenation of the food, and this can be accomplished only by the oxygen in the blood coming in contact with the food and producing a certain form of combustion. It is therefore necessary that a proper supply of oxygen be taken through the lun. . . Read More

Community Reviews

The intention of this book is straightforward and well. It might not serve as the only reference guide for this topic but surly arouses once interest to discover it further.
I personally am inclined to follow a more authentic book for this topic rather than one which talks about things without goi...more

Very good and inspiring book. Will recommend to others.

Very good and inspiring book. Will recommend to others. Hve started practicing it. Must read and good for all also.

Wonderful Read

I really enjoyed this book because it made it so simple to understand the breathing techniques in the full breath of the yogi. I have been studying breathing and yoga for some time and I really think that this book could help many of those struggling with the pranas

Illuminating, Informative, and Thought-provoking

I chose this rating because I found this book to be quite eye-opening. I learned a lot from this book and like it for that reason. I have always known that there are differences between the way that the eastern and western parts of the world unders...more

This book is really tremendous. It is a small book, but packed full of knowledge and exercises. It describes the physiology of breathing as well as a basis of the Yogi knowledge of prana and its relation to breathing. There are many physical breathing exercises as well as 'psychic' exercises for...more

I read this while studying to become a Kundalini Yoga teacher which is all about breathe and breathing ... This is an excellent, easy to read little book that relies heavy on ancient science around breathing.

In this chapter we will give you briefly the theories of the Western scientific world regarding the functions of the respiratory organs, and the part in the human economy played by the breath. In subsequent chapters we will give the additional theories and ascertained facts of the Oriental school...more

This book provides a variety of breathing techniques, especially advocating breathing through the nose, and provides scientific reasons and also some sort of metaphysical explanation for why the techniques work. For his time (written in 1903), Atkinson provided much more information about the phy...more

This is a short introduction to pranayama yoga. Although I have been doing yoga daily for almost 45 years, there were parts of the book that were helpful. I liked his exhaustive treatment of the complete yogic breath and this was well explained. Also, the introductory chapter gave a good overview...more

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