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The Hidden Hand

E.D.E.N. Southworth

Book Overview: 

Within the pages of The Hidden Hand you will meet a cast of unforgettable characters, as different from one another as the sun and moon. But they have one thing in common – all of them hide many, many secrets. The plot of this book is full of twists which may leave you guessing until the end.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Yes, sir, I will keep order, if you'll make that brute of a policeman reform his language!"

And so saying Old Hurricane subsided into a seat immediately behind the child, to watch the examination.

"What'll they do with her, do you think?" he inquired of a bystander.

"Send her down, in course."

"Down! Where?"

"To Blackwell's Island—to the work'us, in course."

"To the workhouse—her, that child?—the wretches! Um-m-m-me! Oh-h-h!" groaned Old Hurricane, stooping and burying his shaggy gray head in his great hands.

He felt his shoulder touched, and, looking up, saw that the little prisoner had turned around, and was about to speak to him.

"Governor," said the same clear voice that he had even at first supposed to belong to a girl—"Governor, don't you keep on letting out that way! You don't know nothing! You're in the Recorder's Court! If you don't mind your eye they'll commit you f. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Among my daughters' this is a unanimous favorite. Young Capitola is a feisty spitfire of a girl who would rather face danger than avoid it. In many ways, she has the spirit of another orphan girl (Anne Shirley), but demonstrates her boldness in far more serious, even perilous, situations. Set in pre

At first I thought I would give this 4 stars, but after reading it, the characters stay with you, and I’ve learned much from their own stories and decisions. I see qualities in the characters that I admire and want to emulate in my own life.

Everyone should read this hidden gem. Only to us in the 21st century is it hidden. At the time of it being published it was “the” novel. Over a million sold in the US which was something few, if any, had achieved. Hidden Hand is E.D.E.N’s best book but she wrote many great ones.

Hidden Hand is for m

It is really stunning to encounter such a high-spirited and defiantly independent female character in a novel written over 150 years ago, and, more importantly, is allowed to remain so from the first moment we meet her (disguised as a boy on the mean streets of New York City) to when her remarkable

The Hidden Hand is a wonderful story of good triumphing over evil. Written in 1859, The Hidden Hand contains a wealth of vocabulary from a century ago. It is also interesting to note that the protagonist of the story is a young woman, who through her wit, wisdom, and common sense, makes for a captiv

This is by far my favorite book I’ve read to date!Absolutely love the story and characters. It’s fascinating to see how all the character’s backgrounds intertwine with one another. Definitely recommend to anyone and everyone! Will say that the first 2-3 chapters are a bit confusing, but it becomes c

Just the bomb! This book was fabulous! more in depth review to come

Love! Love! Love this book!

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