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Her Father's Daughter

Gene Stratton-Porter

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .The business of appraising the furniture was short, and Linda was well satisfied with the price she was offered for it. After the man had gone she showed Katy the pieces she had marked to dispose of, and told her when they would be called for. She ate a few bites of lunch while waiting for the book man, and the results of her business with him quite delighted Linda. She had not known that the value of books had risen with the price of everything else. The man with whom she dealt had known her father. He had appreciated the strain in her nature which made her suggest that he should number and appraise the books, but she must be allowed time to go through each volume in order to remove any scraps of paper or memoranda which her father so frequently left in books to which he was referring. He had figured carefully and he had made Linda a far higher price than could have been secured by a man. As the girl went back to her absorbing task in the garage, she could see her way cle. . . Read More

Community Reviews

If only Gene Stratton-Porter could have developed this story properly, without using it as a vehicle for racist ideas. I understand that WWI was devastating and the time after the war was shaky and uncertain--a whole way of life was gone--and if she had only expressed her fear of being taken over by

I'm between a 3 and a 4 on this one ... I really enjoyed Linda as a smart accomplished tomboy character who is polar opposites with her sister. The story has a fairy-tale quality to it; Linda is the put-upon, neglected orphan. Her fashionable older sister hoards all the money for her own use and is

Hm...this is the last of hers I'm going to read, and yes, you can see by the end that her whole idea of the Japanese element "had to be the way it is" for the rest of the story to fit as nicely together as it does...this does not make it a great idea :)

And this would be one of those books where you

A Young Woman Who Loves Life

Written during WWII or soon after, this is the story of a young girl, Linda Strong raised by her Father in California who shares his knowledge of the beauty of the state with her when he was alive. When her parents pass away unexpectedly, she is left with her sister Eilee

Gorgeous landscapes

The prose sings when it describes the landscape of California in the early 20s, and we glimpse the effect of WWI on popular thought as literature tries to cheer lead the population on to greater heights--but there's an ugly narrowness to the vision that makes large portions of the

Pros - Nature descriptions

Cons- Racism (apparently endemic to the time period) ; unbelievably faultless protagonist

2.5 stars. I liked it, but at the same time, I didn't like it!
What I liked:
I did like Linda even if she was "larger than life" and did have some strong racial prejudices.
I found some of the thoughts the main character talked about interesting seeing when this was written (between the World Wars).

This tale could be summed up, almost, by a movie line from The Scarlet Pimpernell--"Look how they buzz round her, like bees to honey".

The world of Lilac Valley revolves, entirely on its axis, around the heroine, who is a socially conscious, top scholar, a published author/illustrator, a locally ren

I've read most of GSP's books. It's a fun connection to my grandmother, knowing that she loved this author as a girl. The books set in California have been especially interesting to me from an historical perspective, having been born and raised there.
That said, when I first read this book, like most

This novel by one of my favorite authors, Gene Stratton-Porter, was rather a surprising read. The general story line was enjoyable, although perhaps unrealistic, but the racist elements that were espoused by the main character, Linda, were definitely hard to read. It certainly colored my opinion of

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