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Hegel's Philosophy of Mind

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .mplications and associations with others, to reminiscence, experience, expectation. Similarly, the voluntary motion which is an effect or a phase of imagination, beginning at first in small motions—called by themselves “endeavours,” and in relation to their cause “appetites” or “desires37”—leads on cumulatively to Will, which is the “last appetite in deliberating.” Spinoza, his contemporary, speaks in the same strain38. “Faculties of intellect, desire, love, &c., are either utterly fictitious, or nothing but metaphysical entities, or universals which we are in the habit of forming from particulars. Will and intellect are thus supposed to stand to this or that idea, this or that volition, in the same way as stoniness to this or that stone, or as man to Peter or Pa. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Takes time to read and read again for the effect

They want to make very sure you do not read Hegel out of context. We have a very long introduction that predefines what philosophy is and related sciences. Finally, we have an overview of Hegel's system by comparing it to Mr. Herbert Spenser. We also g

This was my first book of Hegel and I kept trying to find something to hold and grasp, but perhaps I will need to read Phenomenology of Spirit and then come back to this. I started this last year and recently picked it up to finish it. Took notes, annotated in all forms but right now my brain is mus

The ending was much more reverent than the older edition of Encyclopedia I read a few years ago. Though he does again reiterate the same position that initially blew my mind about nature being the Idea in its otherness. He also spent some time defending philosophy from the accusation that it’s panth

This book really shows it’s age as it is extremely slow and hard to read. I didn’t finish the book as I felt each new dense does not grow on ideas presented towards the beginning book.
Useful as reference of material, but I wouldn’t recommend as a cover-to-cover read.

This is almost a prototypical philosophical text, albeit somewhat drier. It has all of the requisite sections: part one bases the philosophy on real science, part two is where you extrapolate way beyond what science or logic would allow, part three is where you call your critics idiots. Unfortunatel

I am currently reading this book, a very good read that will leave you in total consciousness!

After reading nearly all of Hegel's works, I think it's best to consider approaching him with a juridical mind; he wrote the philosophy of the legal document, and his works are attempts to reason out the intricacies of the thinking mind in an authoritative and definitive way.

For months now I have been trying to make sense of this writing. I've read passages to my wife to see if I was just making it more difficult than it is. But, I'm afraid, that to me, Hegel is indecipherable. I don't have the mental capacity to wrap my mind around what he is trying to say. He writes l

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