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The Heart's Kingdom

Maria Thompson Daviess

Book Overview: 

Nickols Powers is in love with the beautiful Charlotte and desperate to marry her. Charlotte however, is independent and reluctant to accept his religious views as a good wife should. However, she may still be convinced by the charismatic preacher building a new church in her own backyard.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Page_58" id="Page_58">[Pg 58] As he spoke, the great jeweled eyes shone with excitement under the dull gold brows and he seemed not to see at all the incriminating ice and bottle.

"Could you get into Mrs. Dabney's linen closet? We've got to have something." He shivered in a little wind that blew under the rose vine with a frosty gust. I was just observing that he was attired in his pajama jacket and gray flannel trousers, and that his bare heels and ankles declared themselves above and at the back of his slippers, when my eyes were drawn to my father's face and rested there. My heart stood still while I watched it change. All the pain and appetite, straining as a beast strains at a leash, faded from his face. The deathly pallor vanished and the color of human blood returned. The glitter in his deep old eyes changed in a second from that of ferocity to that of anxious excitement.

"I do not know where the household linen is kept and I hesitate to distu. . . Read More

Community Reviews

This book was a bit different. It's set in the WWI era but in many ways there is a touch of a 20's flair. It was surprisingly modern as well.

Charlotte is an unusual heroine who seems extremely counter culture for her times. She has a boyfriend who lives in Greenwich Village( It is a significant choi