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Heartbreak House

George Bernard Shaw

Book Overview: 

On the eve of World War I, Ellie Dunn, her father, and her fiancé are invited to one of Hesione Hushabye’s infamous dinner parties. Unfortunately, her fiancé is a scoundrel, her father’s a bumbling prig, and she’s actually in love with Hector, Hesione’s husband. This bold mix of farce and tragedy lampoons British society as it blithely sinks towards disaster. (Summary by Wikipedia)

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Like Doubting Castle, they have been demolished many times by successive Greathearts, and rebuilt by Simple, Sloth, and Presumption, by Feeble Mind and Much Afraid, and by all the jurymen of Vanity Fair. Another generation of "secondary education" at our ancient public schools and the cheaper institutions that ape them will be quite sufficient to keep the two going until the next war. For the instruction of that generation I leave these pages as a record of what civilian life was during the war: a matter on which history is usually silent. Fortunately it was a very short war. It is true that the people who thought it could not last more than six months were very signally refuted by the event. As Sir Douglas Haig has pointed out, its Waterloos lasted months instead of hours. But there would have been nothing surprising in its lasting thirty years. If it had not been for the fact that the blockade achieved the amazing feat of starving out Europe, which it could not possibly. . . Read More

Community Reviews

1 pint of Amsterdam Blonde
2 bottles of Sleeman’s Cream Ale
2 gin and tonics
3 shots of rye on the rocks
1 glass of champagne
1 bottle of Moosehead

Such was my alcohol consumption this New Year’s Eve. And yet, as you can plainly see, I remain strangely, depressingly lucid, but with a haunting premonition

I was pleasantly surprised to open this play and find the author's Preface which was not entirely about the play itself. Refreshing, really, because those pesky Prefaces and Introductions can contain spoilers which leads to the reader feeling pretty bummed out. But then I read the Goodreads descript

This play starts out as a traditional British class comedy, then the twist happen. The twist is that [SPOILER ALERT:] the rest of the book is awful. Just consider the dialogue that ends the first act:
CAPTAIN SHOTOVER: What a house! What a daughter!
MRS HUSHABYE: What a father!
HECTOR: What a husband!

Пьеса просто поращительна! После прочтения дико захотелось сходить на спектакль. Должно быть весело.

Короткое произведение задело очень много социальных тем, которые актуальны сейчас, в моем возрасте и в моем времени. От социально-политических сложностей, до отнощений в семье, от финансов до культурн

Interesting. I don't think I quite get it. The first 1/3 of the book is political essays about WWI and other topics. The second 2/3 is a rather dark and odd (tragi-)comedy of manners involving quite a few characters to keep track of. I'm sure I'd benefit from seeing the play performed.

Part of my reading goals for 2018 is to revisit Shaw. I choose Heartbreak House as my starting point, and was not disappointed.

To sum it up ~~ A rich Shavian comedy about human folly and the charming and self-absorbed gentry (which would soon give way to an uncharming and self-absorbed celebrity cul

In Heartbreak House, a handful of well attired, and dishonest, men and striking, not to mention cunning, women, are thrown together in the nautically inspired household of an eccentric old captain.

Each person's selfishness slowly comes to the forefront and what we once thought about them at the star

Bernard Shaw's 1919 play, "Heartbreak House," is a bitterly angry black comedy - a satire against a British imperial culture in the first two decades of the 20th century that gave rise to the excesses of the first World War, and which could (and would) do a lot worse if given the chance. Consciously

The only reason I gave it four stars is that I'm not into plays very much. Still I realize that the book is one of the greatest of its time with loads of genuinely funny dialogs and monologues and effervescent jokes.
The action takes place on the eve of World War I. And as it had been previously ment

(منزل القلوب المحطمة)
هي نبؤة او قل أمنية لبرنارد شو بالقضاء على نفوذ الرأسمالية في انجلترا حينذاك عمد من خلالها الى تعرية المجتمع الانجليزي و كشف مساوئه و عوراته ، و قد مثل انجلترا هنا بالسفينة أو بـ(منزل القلوب المحطمة)ذلك المنزل الذي تصور له ديكور و هيكل أشبه بما للسفينة
و من هنا يستطيع القارئ أن

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